9 Quince Gowns that Prove Fútbol is a Way of Life

Fútbol fans have NO chill about showing their pride everywhere they go…even at their quinces. Seriously. People are repping their favorite fútbol teams during their quinceañeras. Can you blame them? #fútbolquince

Only a true fan dedicates a quince to her favorite team. #tigresforlife

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Plus it kind of helps with the whole color scheme thing.

The bright colors are guaranteed to help you shine on your special day.

Credit: Black People Twitter / Shoutout to the Latinos / Part-Time-Terrorist / Reddit

Because who the hell else is going to show up to your quince wearing a Club America, blue and yellow dress…don’t answer that.

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Don’t want the logo on your dress? No problem. Make it the accessory of the season.

Credit: Black People Twitter / Shoutout to the Latinos / Part-Time-Terrorist / Reddit

But make sure you give tío his bandera back so he can wave it during the next Cruz Azul game.

How else are you going to find a dress to perfectly match your flowers, mija?

Credit: @SoyElGuason_ / Twitter

C. D. Guadalajara thanks you for your support!

TBH, the team colors just look better with our skin tones.

Credit: @0ss0m / Twitter

This is the easiest way to skip the tanning bed before your big day, girl!

Supporting C. D. Guadalajara during your U.S. quince can look patriotic.

Credit: @SoyElGuason_ / Twitter

Sure, the team is from Mexico, but if you live in Texas you can just say it’s all for the U. S. of A.

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Having a fútbol-themed quince makes getting ready easier for your guests.

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Because if you love Monterrey this much, clearly your family does too.

You can go straight from your quince to the game. #truededication

Credit: Black People Twitter / Shoutout to the Latinos / Part-Time-Terrorist / Reddit

And maybe Rafael Sóbis will notice you and whisk you away to your fairy tale.

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Wait? Does this mean you can have people sponsor your quince?

Credit: @zartejano / Twitter

Probably not, but it’ll still be a killer party.

Would you wear any of these dresses? Share this story with your friends. Maybe one of them needs ideas for their new gown.

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Finally, a Latino Music Festival that Isn’t all Banda


Finally, a Latino Music Festival that Isn’t all Banda

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Ever heard of the Maywood Music Festival? No. You’re missing out because organizers of the festival hit the ball OUT OF THE PARK this year. Their key to success: catering to young Latino millennials, who don’t necessarily want to listen to Mexican banda.

The festival is an effort to highlight the region’s youth, born to first generation immigrants. The acts, which sometimes jumped from English to Spanish, consisted of heavy metal, hip-hop, urban cumbia and blues bands, as noted by the LA Times.

The city of 28,000 residents has gone through some rough patches and as it rebuilds it looks to its young residents for support and leadership.

“We have friends opening up galleries. We have friends opening up delis and cafes, things we want to see in our community,” said David Martinez, 20, who helped organize last year’s Maywood Music Festival. “This festival is coming from that same vein.”

Don’t forget to add to your festival list for next year.

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