9 Of The Most Savage Texts Moms Have Sent

Most people have sweet, kind mothers… you, you got stuck with a savage queen. If you’re Latino, chances are you’ve received texts like these once or twice before.

She doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind you about your sad, sad love life.

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Thanks mom, that really makes me feel better.

And drag you every holiday.

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That burn still hurts.

She does it in every app.

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How do you block people again?

And doesn’t let one slip.

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She wants to take control over your account and your life.

You don’t even know how she hacks her way in, but she does it.

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The whole point of Snapchat is PRIVACY.

Oh, and remember that one time you got a piercing?

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Even when she’s trying to “motivate” you, she’s a complete savage.

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Message delivered.

You’re just trying to be the sweet mijo/a that you are.

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But she’s not having it.

At the end of the day, she finds her own way of showing you how much she loves you.

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And you can’t complain.

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