9 Of The Most Savage Texts Moms Have Sent

Most people have sweet, kind mothers… you, you got stuck with a savage queen. If you’re Latino, chances are you’ve received texts like these once or twice before.

She doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind you about your sad, sad love life.

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Thanks mom, that really makes me feel better.

And drag you every holiday.

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That burn still hurts.

She does it in every app.

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How do you block people again?

And doesn’t let one slip.

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She wants to take control over your account and your life.

You don’t even know how she hacks her way in, but she does it.

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The whole point of Snapchat is PRIVACY.

Oh, and remember that one time you got a piercing?

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Even when she’s trying to “motivate” you, she’s a complete savage.

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Message delivered.

You’re just trying to be the sweet mijo/a that you are.

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But she’s not having it.

At the end of the day, she finds her own way of showing you how much she loves you.

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And you can’t complain.

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Watch Becky G Breaks Down In Tears When She Retells Her Family's Immigration Story


Watch Becky G Breaks Down In Tears When She Retells Her Family’s Immigration Story

“The immigration system can be bettered, or made a bit more efficient, or more effective for more people. All these things factor into why I’m voting.” – Becky G.

Watch this emotional episode about her family’s journey into the U.S. now: vevo.com/whyivote

Posted by Vevo on Friday, October 21, 2016

For Becky G, the immigration debate is personal.

Becky G is like many young Latinos in America. She is the product of immigration and she wears that like a badge of honor, as one should. That’s why Becky G wants to you to go out and vote. The way you vote this election, according to Becky G, could mean a world of a difference for mixed-immigration status families all over the country.

“The immigration system can be bettered, or made a bit more efficient, or more effective for more people,” Becky G said in the video. “All these things factor into why I’m voting.”

During the video, Becky G’s abuelito shares the emotional story of when he first came across the border in the trunk of a car.

Vevo / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: Vevo / Facebook

His determination to make it to the U.S. was because he wanted what most immigrants want: a chance for a better life.

“I look at my grandpa’s hands, it makes me very emotional because the bravery, the strength, the belief that they carried within them just wanting better for his family…”

Vevo / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: Vevo / Facebook

Join Becky G today and make sure you use your voice and vote.

Vevo / Facebook
CREDIT: Vevo / Facebook

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