8 Non-Latinos Who Are Just As Obsessed With Selena As We Are

Selena Quintanilla was crowned the Queen of Tex-Mex, but you don’t have to be Tejano or Mexicano to be her fan. These non-Latino celebs are just as obsessed with her because Selena, duh.

1. Drizzy Drake


We know the Canadian rapper loves Latino culture. He’s even paid tribute to Selena several times. In 2015, 20 years after her death, he wore an airbrushed shirt with singer’s face on it and posted the picture on Instagram. “They’ll be talkin’ ’til I meet Selena,” he captioned.

He wore another shirt of the Tex-Mex queen during one of his concerts.

Credit: wordonrd / Twitter

He brought it back in black during a concert in Brisbane.

2. Big Sean

CREDIT: @billboard / Twitter

Big Sean wears shirts with musicians he’s very passionate about, from Sadé to N.W.A to… Selena. Yeah, this one might not be like the others, but as he said to Billboard, “Selena’s a legend. She did it big; she was the first.” Of course we agree.

3. Kylie Jenner


King Kylie got a ton of backlash when she wore this shirt to Universal Studios Orlando with her boyfriend Tyga. We say, anyone who shows Selena some love is cool with us. ❤️

4. Lady Gaga


Mama Monster posted on social media a picture of her favorite shirt. She wrote “Leaving for Korea in less than a week!!!! Wearing my favorite t shirt today. It might be the raddest ever.” We agree… and speaking of, how rad would a Gaga / Selena remix be?

5. Beyoncé


Queen Bey actually got to MEET the Queen of Tejano when she was a teenager, but with just enough time to say “hello.” Jealous! Being from Texas herself, Beyoncé grew up listening Selena’s music. “I heard her on the radio and I think listening to her album, even though I didn’t know exactly what she was saying, it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation,” said Miss Sasha Fierce during an interview with MTV Tres.

6. Katy Perry


During a press junket this California Gurl spoke out about how much Selena has influenced her music career. “Someone asked me, ‘What did you think of when you were a little girl relating to the Grammy’s?’ I said, ‘I remember Selena! That’s all I remember! I remember that dress. I remember the whole movie about her… and I wanted to be in that world.” Possibly the cutest thing she’s ever said.

7. Meghan Trainor


The “All About That Bass” singer confessed during an interview with ET that Selena played a huge role in her singing career. “‘Selena’ the movie was the reason I wanted to become a singer,” she said. We still dream of becoming singers ourselves, so, same Meghan.

8. Whitney Houston

CREDIT: @whitney_and_krissy / Instagram

In 1999, the singer talked with the greatest admiration about Selena’s many accomplishments. “What Selena did in the English market was brilliant,” said Houston during an interview with New York Daily News. We think English and Spanish market.

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