9 Badas$ Latinas You Seriously Need To Follow On Social Media

It’s a question you’ve pondered if you’ve ever found yourself fighting off randos in Times Square or Hollywood Boulevard asking, “Do you like comedy?” I mean, the answer is probably at least a little bit, right? So here are some funny, smart women you should be following on Twitter. They’ll provide you with funny stuff, and you won’t need to even worry about a two-drink minimum or talking to a single other human being trying to get you to go to their improv show:

1. Veronica Orsorio

Credit: Twitter / @vaov

Veronica is not only good at writing funny things in 140 characters or fewer, she also happens to be pretty good at performing as different characters. And if you’re one of those people who leaves their houses ever, she also performs at LA’s UCB theater.

2. Stephanie Beatriz

Credit: Twitter / @iamstephbeatz

You know Stephanie already, right? She plays Rosa on NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and she also pretty good at balancing making you laugh and handing out truly solid advice on Twitter.

3. Andrea Gompf

Credit: Twitter / @AndreaGompf

Not content to simply be a Hot Cheeto bruja queen, Andrea is also busy overseeing Remezcla as the site’s editor-in-chief. Her tweets are a great mix of news, Latino-focused stories, and funny shit.

4. Viviana Rosales Olen

Credit: Twitter / @VivianaHHHH

If we had to distill what makes Viviana worth following to just one thing, it’d be this: She created a museum dedicated to the Olsen twins, featuring various interactive activities and beautiful works of Olsen art. Oh, and she made one for Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, too.

5.  Grace Parra

Credit: Twitter / @GraceParra360

Grace is killing it all over the place these days. Not only is she a contributor for “The Nightly Show”, she also has her own video series at Más Mejor, giving her very blunt opinions about all things politics and election. Luckily, she has enough time to also be hilarious on Twitter.

6. J. Escobedo Shepherd

Credit: Twitter / @jawnita

Her culture-focused writing for Jezebel is reliably funny, smart, and well worth your time. (Read. Her. Stuff.) But if you only have a few seconds to spare, read through Julianne’s twitter. It’s like spending time with that one friend who manages to say exactly what you were thinking (about Drake) so much better than you ever could.

7. Daniella Pineda

Credit: Twitter / @Maniella

Daniella stars on the TBS sitcom “The Detour” and also is just plain funny in general. And so is her dog, apparently.

(Yes, poop is always funny.)

8. Daniela Cadena

Credit: Twitter / @DanielaCadena

Daniel is a writer at BuzzFeed who has an impeccable sense of style, both when it comes to clothes and stuff AND sharing observations that will make you, say, leave your desk really quickly so you can run to the bathroom and laugh out loud without frightening your co-workers.

9. Maria Sherman

Credit: Twitter / @mariasherm

Maria is a writer who covers music and pop culture, which is great because following her stuff will make you feel on top of that (especially if you’re the kind of person who just listens to the same three songs on a loop for five years), plus she’s just nice and funny–two good things that are far too rare.

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