9 Times Guys Swept Their Ladies Off Their Feet

Men, take notes. These guys are doing everything right. Like…

Sending tacos instead of nudes.

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Now that’s steamy.

Making sure she gets her way on the day of the wedding.

13227372_1595459144087855_8006490974195671090_o (1)
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Forget a Paris honeymoon, this is probably the height of their romance.

Asking her out in the best way possible.

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After eating the P, R and half the O, she remembered to say yes.

Taking care of her no matter what.

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Real men buy period paraphernalia and chocolate then watch five episodes of “Teresa” with you.

Making sure she gets some me time.

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Sometimes letting her be alone is the most romantic thing he can do.

Giving her some affection with a side dish.

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…Of tacos.

Spoiling her even when he’s not around.

Best finishing exam present ever! #wine #chocolate #bestboyfriend #bestsocks

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Okay, where do we get those socks???

Knowing how to turn her on.

Yessss papi wash those dishes ?????? #pornforwomen

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Helping around the house is an aphrodisiac, after all. ?

In case you haven’t gotten the hint…

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They say tacos before vatos, but we want both.

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This Mariachi Program Is Helping Boost Attendance and Morale At A California Elementary School


This Mariachi Program Is Helping Boost Attendance and Morale At A California Elementary School

Nestled deep in the San Fernando Valley is Pacoima, a Latino-heavy working-class Los Angeles-area neighborhood with high crime activity and poverty rate. But it’s not all gloom and doom in Pacoima. The neighborhood’s Haddon Avenue Elementary School has implemented engaging and playful learning opportunities for its young students through its STEAM-rich (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) academic programs. One of those enrichment clubs is its Woodcraft Rangers mariachi club.

The Woodcraft Rangers Mariachi Club is the only one of its kind in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

CREDIT: YouTube/Woodcraft RangersPhoto

There are currently 40 performers in the ensemble, aged 6 to 11, who are learning to play instruments found in traditional mariachi music.

CREDIT: YouTube/Woodcraft RangersPhoto

These pint-sized performers are so popular there’s a waiting list to join the club.


There is also a steady stream of requests to play performances at local parades, festivals and dinners, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“This is the home of Ritchie Valens, so when Jackie from Woodcraft said, ‘Hey, this is something we should bring to the school,’ I was like, all my chips are in because these kids really need the arts,” said Richard Ramos, principal of Haddon Avenue Elementary School.

But the program is doing more than expose these kids to the arts — it’s also helping them to stay in school.


School attendance at Haddon has increased. Not just that, but it’s helping improve the kids’ behavior. Ramos tells Fox 11 that a third grader curbed his bad behavior so he could join the mariachi program.

“One of the benefits that we’ve seen, is that the students that are participating, are doing better in class, and that’s significant for me as a principal because we want our kids to do better,” Ramos said.


With its increasing popularity, he is contemplating making the program available five days a week.

WATCH: Mariachi-nitos

Would you want your kids to attend an enrichment program like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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