9 Times Guys Swept Their Ladies Off Their Feet

Men, take notes. These guys are doing everything right. Like…

Sending tacos instead of nudes.

Credit: mitú / Facebook

Now that’s steamy.

Making sure she gets her way on the day of the wedding.

Photo Credit: Ayda Flores Robles / wearemitu / Facebook

Forget a Paris honeymoon, this is probably the height of their romance.

Asking her out in the best way possible.

Credit: @hispanicprobs / Twitter / wearemitu / Facebook

After eating the P, R and half the O, she remembered to say yes.

Taking care of her no matter what.


Credit: @samimarie1113/Instagram

Real men buy period paraphernalia and chocolate then watch five episodes of “Teresa” with you.

Making sure she gets some me time.


Image Source: @billthescientist/tumblr

Sometimes letting her be alone is the most romantic thing he can do.

Giving her some affection with a side dish.


Credit: pretty-n-punx / Tumblr

…Of tacos.

Spoiling her even when he’s not around.


Image Source: @spadoni22/Instagram

Okay, where do we get those socks???

Knowing how to turn her on.


Image Source: @lillipore/Instagram

Helping around the house is an aphrodisiac, after all. ?

In case you haven’t gotten the hint…

Credit: wearemitu / Facebook

They say tacos before vatos, but we want both.

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