Here’s One More Reason To Break Your Diet The First Month Of The Year

When it comes to comfort food, you can’t go wrong with a fresh-to-death Cubano. Here are nine GIFs that perfectly describe what it’s like to bite into one of these heavenly sandwiches.

1. When you see that the bread is toasted juuuust right.

RuPaul’s Drag Race / Logotv

Come to mama.

2. Then you take that first bite and the cheese is just the right amount of melty.

Credit: sherdog

CHEESE IS LIFE, LIFE IS CHEESE. What’s a Cubano without that amazing layer of Swiss cheese? Absolutely nothing.

3. But then you feel that pickle crunch.


What’s happening to my body?!

4. When the pork is so tender it melts in your mouth.

booba1234 / Youtube

What did I ever do to deserve this?

4. When you take a sip of your ice cold Coca-Cola right after a particularly good bite.

promiseland/tumblr/Ace Entertainment

So. Freaking. Good. If everyone in the world could enjoy a Cubano and a Coke, the world would be a much better place.

5. When the Cubano is so good you feel like nothing could ever bring you down again.

The Voice / NBC

Bye haters, watch me eat this sandwich and care zero percent about you.

6. When bae surprises you with a Cubano when you come home from work.

CREDIT: Broad City / Comedy Central / FashionStyle.com / Giphy

I’m going to marry you RIGHT freakin’ NOW.

7. When the food truck homie says this Cubano is on him.


Sometimes life is so beautiful it feels like a dream. And a free Cubano is dreamy. 

9. When you decide to eat another Cubano after finishing your first one, because why not.

CREDIT: Giphy Originals / Giphy

There’s always tomorrow to start that diet… but let’s be honest. Today is not that day.

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