9 Delicious Latin Inspired Donuts To Give You All The Life You Can Handle

It’s true what they say. Latinos do make everything better and donuts are no different. Enjoy!

Imagine biting into a milky, creamy tres leches donut. ????

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Like, where can we get this and is there a limit?

For all those Cubanos, guayaba con queso donuts are a real thing.

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This is NOT a drill! Please form a single-file line and everyone will get to try this amazing, reimagined classic.

Gansitos are so good alone, but imagine how much better they would be when you fuse them to a donut.

Credit: @TheDonutShop / Twitter

And vegan… whaaaaaat?!

Flan on a donut? Hell yeah!

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*unhinges jaw and swallows whole*

Nothing like a little margarita donut to start your morning off right.

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Because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Pause: Check out this churro donut. CHURRO!

Credit: @sdot_86 / Twitter

Officially losing it.

For your bougie friends, we introduce the Cadillac margarita donut.

Credit: @psychodonuts / Twitter

Officially lost it.

Need some protein in your donut? Throw some chapulines on that thing and enjoy!

Credit: Psycho Donuts / Facebook

Because bacon donuts are so 2014.

And for the super adventurous peeps, how about a jalapeño tequila donut topped with a Mexican spice larvette.

Credit: Psycho Donuts / Facebook

Be still, my heart….be still.

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