9 Unexpected Food Mash-Ups That Are Deliciously Changing The Game

There are some foods that we would never think of altering- grilled pineapple pieces on tacos al pastor, dulce de leche in between two fluffy alfajor cookie pillows, and we definitely DO NOT want to put anything other than mayo, chile and limon on a classic elote.

But fusion foods are becoming all the rage in restaurant storefronts and food trucks, and some classic foods are joining in on the mix-and-match party. Here are some unexpected food mash-ups that are deliciously changing the game:

1. Mexican Sushi

CREDIT: El Sushi Loco

Mexican cuisine is known for finger-licking good mariscos, and when you add that to the delicate sushi rolls gracing sushi bars across the country, Mexican sushi is born. Just remember the M&M rule when exploring these new classic sushi places…order mariscos + Micheladas!

2. Chinese Puerto Rican Food

chinese food
CREDIT: Wikipedia Commons, Desgracio

Chinese food might not be one of the first things on a Puerto Rican restaurant’s menu (mofongo, anyone?) but this type of mashup is present on the island thanks to Chinese immigrants who immigrated over in the 19th century.

Fried rice is often served next to a bed of fries with meat dishes like pollo al ajillo (chicken with onion slices, some oil and garlic). It’s unexpected food mash-up goodness.

3. French-Mexican Cuisine

CREDIT: Instagram/Emilyschuman

Mexican burritos with some French je ne sais quoi? How about churro French toast? Double Oui! The true MVPS are the chefs who decided to get together to combine French, Mexican and Californian cuisine. The best things do come in threes! (Insert heart-eye emoji).

4. Argentine Portland Food

CREDIT: Instagram/Oxpdx

Gauchos and hipsters in Portlandia might not be a combination that comes to us immediately when we think of fusion cuisine, but this unicorn of a food mash-up actually exists in restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Fresh seafood including trout is fired up on traditional Argentine parrillas and clam chowder cozies up with jalapeños.

5. Peruvian Sushi in Miami

peruvian sushi
CREDIT: Instagram/Suviche

Miamians love Peruvian ceviche, and in the artsy community of Wynwood, fusion restaurants invite guests to munch on lomo saltado rolls or spicy tuna sushi drizzled with huancaina sauce. The best of both worlds!

6. Mexican-Italian in Houston

mexi italian
CREDIT: Yelp/Khanh H.

So pasta and a touch of taqueria totally [Mexi]CAN work! In Houston, jalapeño infused linguine is a main dish alongside crab cakes in a light garlic chipotle sauce.

7. Canadian Cuban Fusion

cuban food
CREDIT: CubanFusion

Canada’s unofficial national food, poutine, gets some ‘dale’ mixed in when it’s combined with Cuban flavors. A sloppy joe-inspired picadillo sandwich on a toasty brioche bun, anyone?

8. Italian-Dominican Fusion

CREDIT: Yelp/Chabeli D.

The Empire State is known for having a large number of both Italian and Dominican immigrants, so why not combine the greatness of both cultures?! That’s exactly what fusion chefs in NY are doing. You have the option to order plantains at the same place you would order ziti Siciliano? #YouCanHaveItAll

9. Morgan Mule Drink

CREDIT: Captain Morgan

Finally, to please your tastebuds, wash down all these intermingled dishes with a refreshing taste of #MorganMule. Mix in some Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, ginger ale, and serve over ice. Salud!

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