9 Father-Daughter Dances That Prove Latino Dads Don’t Two Step

We can all agree that the one moment that gives you the most feels at a quinceañera is the father-daughter dance. There’s just something special about a papi dancing with his baby teenager that makes you get a nudo en la garganta. Grab a tissue, these are going to give you all the feels…

You gotta love how dads are always willing to get down for their daughters.

You know his knees were not lovin’ that how low can you go move, but he did it for his hija adorada.

Like this dad who two-steps (at first) with his daughter to that one song that always puts a knot in your throat.

Credit: tiachata luera/YouTube

Press play. This dance goes from sweet to being complete dad goals.

Speaking of iconic songs, chances are you probably danced to this song at your quince or someone else’s. Watching Chayanne dance this with his own daughter makes it that much sweeter.


Credit: Chayanne/Facebook

In 1990, Chayanne released the song “Tiempo de Vals,” and 25 years later he’s dancing to it at his daughter’s quinceañera. If this doesn’t get you right in the heart… you might not have one.

And it’s always super sweet watching a dad let loose for his baby girl… even if his rhythm can’t keep up with hers.

Credit: Alejandro Yorado/YouTube

Also, wait for the peck on the cheek that daddy gives his daughter at the end. *Melts*

I mean, c’mon! How many dads are willing to put their pride down to teach their daughters’ friends how to douggie and shuffle… AND twerk like Beyoncé?

Credit: Yolanda Aguila/YouTube

This is one of those marathon dances that could leave you yawning in the middle, but this dad OWNS it. He was totally feeling himself.

These two didn’t give anyone the sudden urge to cry, but there were a ton of oohs and aahs.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Watching the way they enjoy their time together on the dance floor, you just know that they enjoy each other’s company in general.

This’ll definitely give you the feels as soon as you hear that first note.

Credit: Mireya Fernandez/YouTube

The mix of songs is on point and actually surprising. I mean, come on, a mix that includes Vicente Fernandez, The Gap Band, Bee Gees and Marc Anthony is not your same old, tired quinceañera father-daughter dance song selection… Papá even does the c-walk!

OK, this is your official warning to grab tissue.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Obviously, this was meant to tug at your heartstrings, and it totally works!


Bailando el vals con su padre y su hija especial

Posted by Milexi Contreras Sanabria on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Credit: milexi.contrerassanabira/Facebook

The way he picks her up and holds her throughout the whole dance is pure LOVE.

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