9 Father-Daughter Dances That Prove Latino Dads Don’t Two Step

We can all agree that the one moment that gives you the most feels at a quinceañera is the father-daughter dance. There’s just something special about a papi dancing with his baby teenager that makes you get a nudo en la garganta. Grab a tissue, these are going to give you all the feels…

You gotta love how dads are always willing to get down for their daughters.

You know his knees were not lovin’ that how low can you go move, but he did it for his hija adorada.

Like this dad who two-steps (at first) with his daughter to that one song that always puts a knot in your throat.

Credit: tiachata luera/YouTube

Press play. This dance goes from sweet to being complete dad goals.

Speaking of iconic songs, chances are you probably danced to this song at your quince or someone else’s. Watching Chayanne dance this with his own daughter makes it that much sweeter.

Hoy me tocó a mi un momento super especial en nuestras vidas. #QuiceAños #TiempodeVals

Posted by CHAYANNE on Friday, December 11, 2015

Credit: Chayanne/Facebook

In 1990, Chayanne released the song “Tiempo de Vals,” and 25 years later he’s dancing to it at his daughter’s quinceañera. If this doesn’t get you right in the heart… you might not have one.

And it’s always super sweet watching a dad let loose for his baby girl… even if his rhythm can’t keep up with hers.

Credit: Alejandro Yorado/YouTube

Also, wait for the peck on the cheek that daddy gives his daughter at the end. *Melts*

I mean, c’mon! How many dads are willing to put their pride down to teach their daughters’ friends how to douggie and shuffle… AND twerk like Beyoncé?

Credit: Yolanda Aguila/YouTube

This is one of those marathon dances that could leave you yawning in the middle, but this dad OWNS it. He was totally feeling himself.

These two didn’t give anyone the sudden urge to cry, but there were a ton of oohs and aahs.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Watching the way they enjoy their time together on the dance floor, you just know that they enjoy each other’s company in general.

This’ll definitely give you the feels as soon as you hear that first note.

Credit: Mireya Fernandez/YouTube

The mix of songs is on point and actually surprising. I mean, come on, a mix that includes Vicente Fernandez, The Gap Band, Bee Gees and Marc Anthony is not your same old, tired quinceañera father-daughter dance song selection… Papá even does the c-walk!

OK, this is your official warning to grab tissue.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Obviously, this was meant to tug at your heartstrings, and it totally works!


Bailando el vals con su padre y su hija especial

Posted by Milexi Contreras Sanabria on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Credit: milexi.contrerassanabira/Facebook

The way he picks her up and holds her throughout the whole dance is pure LOVE.

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This Latina Added Voting Registration to Her Quinceañera to Help Encourage Latinx Voting


This Latina Added Voting Registration to Her Quinceañera to Help Encourage Latinx Voting


If you’re a Latina, you probably spent years dreaming of your quinceañera. Questions of the song you’ll come out to, what your dress will look like, and who will escort you into womanhood dance around so many of our heads until the moment we hit the actual dance floor.

Chances are, however, you never considered how to incorporate the current political sphere, freedom and voting rights to your big day.

Quinceañera Aleida Ramos decided to have an innovative addition to her recent quince: voter registration.

Twitter / @NBCNews

On the Houstonian’s big day, she invited Jolt Initiative — the Latinx Youth Advocacy group. Their goal is to register as many Latinx voters as possible. For Ramos’ party, the organization set up Poder Quince booths to assist guests with voter registration.

In between thanking friends and family and celebrating her quince, Ramos encouraged guests to visit the Poder Quince booths. Her father, Marco Ramos, Jr, joined in on urging guests to register to vote. The pair focused on the impact that the Latinx vote can make in the 2020 election and elections to come.

Community was a big focus of this push. Ramos’ motivation for inviting Jolt Initiative was to pay back the community that has supported her and invested in her these past 15 years. Undoubtedly, even this small gesture can have huge outcomes.

“Our vote ensures we continue to protect our community and those who matter to us most,” the quinceañera told her party goers.

With Poder Quince, Jolt has made it their goal to reach potential Latinx voters through quinceañeras.

Twitter / @joltinitiative

The Texas-based advocacy group started their Poder Quince initiative in May of 2019. Thanks to the huge Latinx population, quinceañeras have become mainstream in the Lone Star State. By Jolt’s estimation, around 50,000 quinces are held each year.

With this in mind, these quinceañeras prove to be an untapped resource to connect with Latinx voters. Jolt — which is a non-profit association — recognizes that in order to mobilize a community, we need to be part of the community. Their presence at quinceañeras helps accomplish this.

Ramos’ quince is the first in Harris County to invite Jolt Initiative.

Twitter / @NBCNews

Harris County — which includes the city of Houston — has the second largest Latinx population in the country. At over 2 Million, it’s second only to Los Angels’ nearly 5 Million Latinx population.

Harris County set a new historic turn out record during the 2018 elections — no doubt helped by their large Latinx and Millennial vote. This turnout officially changed the county blue in the traditionally red state.

According to Jolt’s spokesman, Antonio Arellano, Texas is a crucial focus for voter turn out.

As he shared with NBC News, “That’s why we are so focused on energizing the Latino vote in Houston. The Latino vote lives here, and we have to mobilize them and there is so much riding on them.”

While Ramos is still too young to vote, she was intrigued by the other quinceañeras who welcomed Jolt to their celebrations.

NBC News

Ramos shared with NBC News, “I liked their stories and what they said about everything. I wanted to do something that would help us — trying to make a difference in things for our community. It inspired me.”

Her father — who doesn’t consider himself political — has voted in every election since he was 18. His example also heavily influenced Ramos’ decision to incorporate Jolt into her quince.

Ramos shared with NBC News the wisdom that her dad has passed on to her.

“My dad tells me I have to be educated to vote and have to know what I’m voting for and about the person,” she explained. “When people ask you why you are for that person, you don’t stutter. You know because you are educated.”

Jolt also provided a photo booth for the quinceañera and her guests.

NBC News

Guests of Ramos’ quince reported that they enjoyed the presence of Jolt at the celebration. Younger guests had fun with the props and Instagram-able opportunities. Similarly, voting-aged guests appreciated the chance to register and update their personal information.

Ultimately, it was a quince that her guests won’t soon forget. Altogether, it might make a difference in Ramos’ community and ultimately our own.

Baby Sis Roasts Her Hermana At Her Quinceñera In This All-Too-Relatable Stand-Up


Baby Sis Roasts Her Hermana At Her Quinceñera In This All-Too-Relatable Stand-Up

YouTube / Rajiv Nema

No one will ride for you — or roast you — like your sibling. This older hermana learned that during her quinceñera, where her baby sis performed a stand-up and made her the butt of every joke.

Natasha may have been the star of the evening during her quince in San Jose, Calif. back in 2016, but a video making the rounds on the Internet shows that her little sis Aneesha is the one who stole the show. While Natasha sat in her white, puffy gown and tiara, baby sis, then 11, spit  wisecracks on a mic right beside her.

“Her closet, it’s as if you have just entered Nordstrom. She has all the new clothes. All her clothes are in season. All her clothes are sparkly, glittery, the prettiest things you’ve ever seen. You enter mine, and it’s like a goodwill,” Aneesha said as the room of family and friends erupted in laughter.

If you’re a younger sibling, you know the pain of watching the eldest in the family get new garbs while you’re tossed the stretched-out, out-of-season clothing and sneakers they need to get rid of to make space for their fresh new wardrobe.

“Every single piece of clothing that I have, whether it’s a pair of pants, whether it’s a T-shirt, whether it’s underwear – it has been worn by this girl,” Aneesha said, delivering each joke with on-point comedic timing.


Nobody was expecting her to go THAT far… 😂 😂Watch and you’ll see…Thanks storyful

Posted by Rick Lax's Favorite Videos on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

While the sisters, who are Nicaraguan-Indian, are just three years apart, Aneesha frustratingly quipped that she has to wait seven years to wear her older sister’s clothes because she’s so much taller than her.

“Have you seen her height,” Aneesha asked. “She’s like that character from ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’… not the giant, the beanstalk,” she joked, as her sister, embarrassed, threw her head in her hands.

Then, Aneesha ended her nearly-four-minute performance with a banger: “You don’t need to come to my quinceañera. You already know what I’m gonna wear,” she said hilariously.

According to the girls’ dad, Rajiv, he and Aneesha worked on the jokes together, but ultimately the young jokester was the real brain and talent.

Aneesha, who carried the crowd effortlessly with the flow of her family-friendly quips, didn’t even rehearse before taking the stage.

“She is a natural, she is a savage, she is fun to be around,” Rajiv said. “She insults people without hurting them. I bear the brunt of most of her jokes!”

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