8 Telenovela Moments That Prove Nothing Is Impossible

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There’s nothing more addicting than a telenovela. Whether it’s fawning over the steamy romance, gasping with your abuela and mom about the cliffhanger of last week’s episode, or rolling your eyes at the cheesy villain, there’s no denying they are the best.

The crazy, insane, over-the-top moments are what we live for in telenovelas. Here are 8 telenovela moments that prove nothing (and we mean nothing) is impossible.

1. When it’s revealed that there’s an evil twin.

CREDIT: La usurpadora / Televisa / Las Estrellas / semepasaelarroz.com

Ahh, the classic “evil” twin scenario that is prevalent in telenovelas like La Usurpadora. because of course a pair of twins was separated at birth, and one is conniving, evil, manipulative, and the other is an honest good woman. It’s a classic telenovela ploy that we can’t help but devour.

2. When the villainous woman pretends to be pregnant so the man she wants marries her.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 4.39.39 PM
CREDIT: María la del Barrio / Televisa / Las Estrellas / Twitter

This is one of the most convoluted ways to get your man, and much like Soraya Montenegro who is guilty of this in Maria la del Barrio, it’s crazy. While this might not be plausible for real life, it makes awesome television.

3. When your man leaves you and becomes a priest, you become a serial killer.

CREDIT: En nombre del amor / Televisa / Univision / Las Estrellas / Drama Fever

Ummmm, say what? YUP, this scenario could TRULY only happen in a telenovela. It happened to Carlota Espinoza of En nombre del amor, which means it could definitely happen to any of us, right?! Just a standard day in the life of a telenovela villain!

4. When you pretend to be your “dead” twin so you can marry his wife, in order to inherit the family business.

CREDIT: El Clon / Telemundo / Rede Globo / Caracol Television / Practicopedia

More twin stuff, hooray! As in the telenovela El Clon, it’s always spectacularly wild when one twin pretends to be the other twin. If this ever happened in real life, everyone would be like WTH? But since it’s the world of drama and romance, it totally makes sense.

5. When the main character goes into a coma and is then frozen in a cryogenic lab.

CREDIT: Aurora / Telemundo / Jagat – Latina

Oh yes, you read that right. In the teen telenovela Aurora, there is a plotline where Aurora just…goes into a coma…and then her dad freezes her to save her life. It’s also discovered she’s pregnant, so add that to the wild and insane moment. Seriously, how is this real?!

6. When your baby is kidnapped by your stepmother.

CREDIT: Rosalinda / Las Estrellas / Buzzfeed

In the world of a telenovela, having your baby stolen by an evil stepmom is just the norm. Much like it happened in Rosalinda, it’s something you basically have to just watch out for if you have enemies. In telenovela-world, there’s always a witchy, manipulative, evil step-abuelita just waiting to snatch your baby!

7. When all of your teachers disappear so you and your friends decide to investigate.

CREDIT: El Internado / Antena 3 / Los 40

The plot of El Internado revolves around a group of students trying to solve the mystery of why all of their professors are missing. Because why go to the police when you can just band together and figure it out yourself?!

8. When you’re poor but the richest boy in town falls in love with you.

CREDIT: Marimar / Televisa / Las Estrellas / TeleNovela Channel

CLASSIC dramatic sitch – being beautiful and poor and having the richest boy in town fall in desperate love with you. While this is honestly most of our wildest dreams, the chances of it happening (like in Marimar) is slim to none. A girl can dream!

It’s hard to believe that these telenovela moments would ever be real, just like Wendy’s adding the Double Stack™ as an option in the 4 for $4** for a limited time. With over a quarter-pound* of beef, that’s a deal so good, it’s pretty hard to believe.

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