7 Times Paquita Was a Complete Savage

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She’s a savage HBIC that gives us so much life. Like…

When she wore a swimsuit on “El Gordo y La Flaca” and did not give a f*ckkkk.

Credit: El Gordo y La Flaca / Univision / wincorrigible / Tumblr

When she had no chill saying all men are terrified of her.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

“Nunca ningún varón me ha dicho de frente algo en contra porque saben que no le iría nada bien conmigo,” she said in an interview with Nación. Surely men were rolling their eyes, but few would dare confront her. Slay.

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When she decided this would be her catchphrase…

Credit: pabloemr / Tumblr

“¿Me estás oyendo inútil?” has become her catchphrase and trust – you don’t want to be the next person she yells this to.

When she didn’t hold back about revealing why she cheated.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

“Tres veces te engañé, la primera por coraje, la segunda por capricho, la tercera por placer,” in her song “Tres veces te engañé.”

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When she told Romeo Santos he sucks in bed.

Credit: Edsel Andrea / YouTube

She shut him down completely.

When she told Espinoza Paz not to write about her sex life.

Credit: memexico / Tumblr

Espinoza Paz wrote a song for Paquita about a woman “que se mojaba.” Yes, exactly. To add insult to injury, he didn’t deliver the song personally. He sent it with an assistant.

The top moment has to be when she gave us the best line to recite to all the assh*les.

Credit: j0s0x / Tumblr

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We Should Have Seen these Signs Between El Chapo and Kate del Castillo


We Should Have Seen these Signs Between El Chapo and Kate del Castillo

Are you all caught up on your El Chapo news? By now, you MUST be aware that the meeting between actor Sean Penn and Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was set up by Kate del Castillo. According to Penn’s Rolling Stone piece, El Chapo began communicating with the Mexican actress in 2012 after she tweeted that she trusted El Chapo more than Mexico’s government. When El Chapo was captured in 2014, he began receiving offers from Hollywood studios to sell his story. El Chapo was interested, but he decided the only person he could trust with his story was Kate del Castillo.

That’s why a video excerpt of Rolling Stone’s video interview begins with this title card:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.54.56 PM
Credit: Kate del Castillo Productions / Rolling Stone

When the news spread that the star of La Reina del Sur was involved with El Chapo, most people thought:


But were we really THAT surprised? Maybe the signs were there… and we just… didn’t notice them until now.


I mean, here she is, partying with Sean Penn a few weeks ago…

Pre-gaming for their El Chapo meeting?

del Castillo DID say she sometimes feels like Anastasia Cardona, the drug trafficker she played in Dueños del Paraíso.

“Some days I just own it.”

Just a few months ago, she said she missed Teresa Mendoza, the drug kingpin she played in La Reina del Sur.

She also told Univision’s A Primera Hora that she stood by her 2012 tweet about El Chapo.


She called El Chapo a “delincuente,” but later fired a shot at politicians: “Hay mas delincuentes, nada mas se visten de corbatas.”

She also posted this message on Instagram:

Not convinced? OK. How about this one? YOGA SINALOENSE. If that’s not a smoking gun, what is?

What do yoga Sinaloense and El Chapo have in common? THEY’RE BOTH FROM SINALOA!!! Cue the music:

WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SIGNS. You fooled us all, Kate. ?

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