Justin We Get It, You’re In Love With A Latina, But All This Is Unnecessary

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It’s a known fact, Justin Bieber is still obsessed with Selena Gomez. We get it, he’s trying to get through to her, but ummm, his unhealthy obsession of all things Latino is probably not the way to go. We mean, nice try, but you’re getting it all wrong, like when …

Bieber wore a Mexican flag on his crotch.

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JB, loving the abs. The iconic Mexican symbol on your sweaty crotch, not so much.

And “dances” to Spanish music at his concerts.

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Or tried to dance because heel-toe touch isn’t exactly how you dance to reggaeton.

Our verdict: gasolina, not so much. Hybid, maybe.

Out of anyone he could’ve asked to collaborate with him on his “Sorry” remix, he chose this guy ??.


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Because who else could’ve made this song better?

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Only a Latino.

There was also that one time he decided to turn a random Latino into a “new internet phenomenon.”

New internet phenomenon #danielfromtarget

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Obsessed with us much?

There was also this time he became a full-fledged chambelán and made this girl’s dreams come true.

#KnockKnockLive tonight at 9/8c on @FOXTV

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And also his longtime dream of becoming a chambelán came true. Uncoordinated moves and all.

And we all know he’s still in love with a Mexican-American, duh!


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We can’t really blame him because we know Latinas we are unforgettable ???.

He even serenaded her not too long ago because he knows how Latina’s love a good serenata.

@justinbieber singing my girl to @selenagomez….is this real? Pure magic.

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Here’s where he failed. Next time go for a classic Chente song like “Hermoso Cariño.”

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Peep These Photos of Frida Khalo Dressed In A Man's Suit


Peep These Photos of Frida Khalo Dressed In A Man’s Suit

Frida Kahlo Official/Facebook

Aside from her art, Frida Kahlo was also known for challenging gender norms. But did you know that her penchant for bending the rules of gender and sexuality started early on?

Frida notoriously grew out her eyebrows and was not above sporting a bit of peach fuzz above her red lips.


Her experimentation with gender goes way back to her teen years.


Credit: Were Are You From?/Tumblr

We recently stumbled upon a treasure trove of Kahlo family portraits. The actual date of the photos is somewhat disputed, though according to Frida Kahlo’s official Facebook page, they were snapped in 1926 by Guillermo Kahlo, Frida’s father, which means that the would-be artist was around 18-years-old.

Frida knew how to rock a suit with confidence.

While her sisters and mother are dripping with jewelry and sporting the wavy, close-cropped hairstyles of the time, Frida looks fearlessly into the camera as she poses in her tailored jacket and trousers. Her sense of confidence is palpable in the photos! We’re guessing that confidence came from her father, who encouraged her to take up sports like boxing and soccer after she contracted polio.

Here’s a closer look at that killer gaze:

Credit: @CarmenAurora25/Twitter

And remember, the next time fashion magazines are fawning over Kourtney Kardashian or Zendaya in tailored suits, know that a Latina already trailblazed that path. ??

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Are you a fan of Frida’s tailored menswear look? Tell us in the comments below!

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