7 Quinceañeras Who Didn’t Settle For Basic Themes

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Quinceañera dresses are meant to symbolize purity as a young woman — err, who are we kidding? Nowadays, we just want them to be Instagram-worthy. #Slay

1. White quince dresses used to be as basic as sipping a pumpkin spice latte while wearing Uggs. She took it to the next level.

Let’s all have a moment of silence for the white lace dresses. #RIP

2. Most of us had photo shoots in the park, these girls have waterfall backdrops.

Because #mermaidlife is apparently the goal for these fifteen-year-olds. And, um, most 14 year olds back in the day would’ve gotten a chanclazo if they walked out in a bustier.

3. We understand wanting your quince outfits to stand out, but this is something else…

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Forget the fringe skirts for a cumbia surprise dance, these damas thought they were Pitbull’s backup dancers.

4. This quinceañera lived up to the tropical theme.

It’s like if  Tinkerbell went to Hawaii.

5. That headshot you took for your quince invites? SO YESTERDAY according this girl in a canoe.

Does she need to be rescued?

6. Mariachi with a dark and twisted theme.

Ragazza presenta su colección morena y esencial, una colección muy mexicana

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 Credit: @ragazzamx / Instagram

The elaborate attention to detail in this fusion dress is cray. It’s mariachi meets princess gone goth.

7. This girl showed her love for all things Arabian night with her dress.

Arabian Night Themed #Quince! ❤ bit.ly/xvthemes #quinceaneradotcom

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Details are on point, but one question: how much does that dress weigh?

QUIZ: Are You More of a Modern Quinceañera Dress or a Ruffled Nightmare?

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