7 Celebrity Outfits From The ’90s That Are So Bad They’re Good

90’s fashion dreams live on! And these 7 celebs know it. Be prepared for lots cringing, laughing, raising your hands in praise, because these outfits are so bad, they’re actually amazing.

1. Sofia Vergara’s Outfit from the opening credits of “Fuera De Serie.”

Credit: Univision/YouTube

The white top and pants combo. That belt! We love it all so much. Her dance moves are just an added bonus. SIDE NOTE: Did you know Sofia used to host a travel show?! Amazing.

2. Christina Aguilera in her “Come On Over” music video.

Credit: YouTube/CAguileraVEVO

We. Are. Slain. Let’s break it down, shall we? You’ve got:

✓ Red streaks

✓ Big hoops

✓ Some kind of crop top / halter cut-out contraption

✓ Belly art rhinstones. I REPEAT: BELLY ART RHINESTONES

✓ Lace-up pants

✓ Skinny AF eyebrows

Xtina, you queen!

3. Shakira circa “Ciega, Sordomuda.”

Credit: YouTube/ShakiraVEVO

It’s hard to focus on how perfect Shakira’s brows are because I can’t stop remembering how cool her ’90s hair used to be.

+ Bonus ’80s Shakira

Credit: YouTube/SiMO

And here’s Baby Shakira serving you some ADORABLE big hair realness.

4. Paulina Rubio in yellow

Credit: Televisa/ YouTube

The Big Bird couture is just too much, but also maybe not enough? I can’t decide.

5. THIS outfit Xuxa wore on her TV Show.

Credit: MTM Enterprises/The Family Channel/Tumblr

It’s hard to decide what we like best — her headband/hat (hatband?), the earrings, the GIANT shoulder pads? There’s too much, we’re experiencing sensory overload.

6. This crazy Gloria Trevi outfit.

Credit: Sony Music Ariola/YouTube

Are those mesh green shorts over tights? What is happening? Seriously, what is going on?

7. Jennifer Lopez rockin’ a beanie.

Credit: Fox/HuffPost

So many earth tones! So much volume! We love you forevah-evah “In Living Color”-era J.Lo.

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What are some of your favorite ’90s fashions? Let us know in the comments!

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