7 Cardi B Moments That Will Honestly Inspire You To Be A Better Person

Cardi B is more than just a reality star or a funny girl on Instagram. She’s wise, hardworking and smart, and her insights about life will definitely inspire you to be a better person and reach your goals. Check it out. (And if you don’t like hearing strong language, ? ? ?):

When she made it clear she’s gotten to a place where she can buy her own bottles, thanks.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

Shout out to the girls who prefer beer.

When she reminded you to drink your calcium.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

Gracias, Cardi.

Because, really, life is all about moderation.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

? ????

When she told you to work hard and keep your head up while others get written up on gossip sites.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

Stay focused on your business while others get distracted and foolish.

When she reminded you that it’s OK to be honest about yourself.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib


And that, at the end of the day, we’ve got to support one another and keep our eyes on the goal.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

Listen to her.

And, finally, when she hammered home the importance of being true to yourself.


Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

? Never change, Cardi. ?

Credit: VH1

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