Bet You Can’t Make It Through This Mexican Cocktail List Without Salivating

As a kid, you couldn’t resist Latino sweets like tamarindos, paletas, chamoy and the list goes on. Thankfully, a handful of heaven-sent mixologists have learned how to mix our two favorite candies with ALCOHOL. Bottoms up!

Paleta Punch

All cocktails should come with Popsicles #paleta

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Tamarindo Toast

Happy belated belated bday to me ?? some peeps don't forget about me lol ??

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Sinfully Good Boozy Paletas

Chicharron Crunch Cocktail

Your Favorite Raspado, Boozy Style

Mango Michelada & Lollipop Combo

Juicy Jarritos Cocktails

Are there any Latino candies or treats you want to see as a cocktail? Tell us below!

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