7 “Babe, Come Over” Memes Only Latinos Will Truly Understand

By now, you’re definitely familiar with the “babe, come over” meme. You know the basic setup: You want babe (or “bae,” if you prefer) to come over. But babe is busy! But then you point out that your parents aren’t home and, well ~hijinks ensue,~ obviously.

But what if these memes were, I don’t know, a little more about us? We can only imagine…

When you want your heart to burn for the right reasons:

Credit: mitú / Instagram

When romance is in your immediate future:

Credit: mitú / Univision

When you’re hungry:

Credit: mitú / Tumblr

When saving the world <<< Chapulín Colorado + chill:

Credit: mitú / Canal de las Estrellas

When there’s a sudden change of plans:

Credit: mitú / 4chan

When bae has to get something important out of the way first:

Credit: mitú / Televisa

Y cuando mami happens:

Credit: mitú / PBS

See you soon, babe.

Credit: Fox / Glee Wiki

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