6 Things That Are Most Definitely Not Tacos

OK, we officially have a problem. We, as a society, are playing real fast and loose with the definition of “taco,” and we would do well to reel that sh*t in. Pretty soon you’re going to have people in your face demanding that hot dogs be considered tacos. Enough.

Here are some things that are not tacos, officially and for the record:

These eggplant things:

Credit: Twitter / DougSaunders

These things already have a name, and it’s “salad.”

This heap of cauliflower:

Credit: YouTube / TipHero

“Hi, mom? Yes, please come pick me up. I’m so done.”

This work of evil brujeria:

Credit: Twitter / Donald Drumpf

The devil is real, and I rebuke him and his so-called “taco bowl.”

This dark-sided emoji:

Credit: Eater

They say this is a taco, but

Credit: God

This damn mess:

Credit: Old El Paso / Betty Crocker 

Like, look, I’ll eat them. I’ll eat all of them. You can’t even try to stop me from eating them. But they’re not tacos.

This brain-shattering madness:

Credit: YouTube / Allrecipes

I literally can’t. And what’s more, I won’t.

Thank you for your time.

Credit: Giphy

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Let’s taco ’bout some more pleasant things now. How was your day? What’s your favorite kind of taco? Can I have some?

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