We Hated It Growing Up, Now We Can’t Stop Craving It

Yeah, we have a lot of amazing Latino dishes, but nothing ranks higher in comfort than sopa de fideo.

The recipe most of us know is simple.

And takes about 5 mins to make.

But there’s also something a little more elaborate for the fancy.

For when you’re feeling a little extra.

Your mom swears it’s full of vitaminas.

That theory hasn’t been medically proven, but it definitely makes you feel better.

You know it’s good enough on its own, but it also plays well with others.


Pair it with fresh avocado.


Or cold queso fresco.

But a fan favorite is when it’s extra tomato-ey.

You know what I’m talking about.

You can eat it with a spoon like a normal adult or take it to the next level and just soak it up with a tortilla de maiz.

Extra crispy please.

Go the extra mile and throw in a side of quesadilla if you’re feeling wild.

There’s a shape for everyone.

But in your heart, you love them all the same.

Sopa de fideo is like a hug from the carb Gods and there’s nothing it can’t fix.

It’s good for the soul ❤️.

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