50 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When You Search “Latinas” Online

OK, let’s begin.

1. Ok, “Latinas in STEM” is a nice start to this little adventure. Good job, internet!

2. Pfft. What as I so worried about?

3. Now let’s try searching “Latina women.” The top promoted result for that one is…  “gorgeous women.”

4. Which, true. We are gorgeous.

5. Oh, wait. It’s an ad…

6. …For Latina mail-order brides?!

7. No thanks.

8. We like our pollo delivered, not our people.

9. Let’s check Google Images and see what’s going on there…

10. Many gorgeous ladies!

11. (I mean, like I said before: Duh. We’re all gorgeous.)

12. But why does Google think all Latinas come in one skin tone?

13. Luckily, the Google Image section is also filled with educational facts:

Credit: Whisper / Google

14. Ok, I’m done with Google Images. Let’s try Tumblr.

15. Ok, well. I see an issue with grammar, for one.

Credit: Tumblr / mitú

16. And that poor girl lost her bikini top. La pobre.

17. Oh, there’s some diversity. Thanks, I guess?

18. Ok, I think we get it, Tumblr. Now let’s check Instagram.

19. So Instagram really wants you to be aware that Latinas do, in fact, have mammary glands. Got it!

Credit: Instagram

20. Oh, and plenty of memes about Latinas being psycho girlfriends.

21. Like I-will-kill-your-ass-level psycho.

22. A lot of memes about dudes wanting to, yet being scared to, date us.

23. For the record, some of us are just single because we’re REALLY busy.

24 And some of us are single because some men (#notalldudes, I know, I know) can be pendejos.

25. And some of us – gasp!– don’t date men!

26. Do you think the internet knows that? Because I don’t think so.

27. Wait, did I mention the internet thinks we’re crazy violent?

28. Like the sheer amount of “crazy Latina girlfriend” memes is kinda ridic.

29. Oh, and even though we hail from upwards of 20 completely different countries, we can be narrowed down usually to 2 segments:

CREDIT: @ohreg / Instagram

34. These photos are like 89.3 percent boobies.

35. I need to buy nicer underwear.

36. And I need all these girls’ workout secrets.

37. More photos with lots of skin… But wait! Found a relatable one:

38. Toilet phone call muting skill level = expert.

39. Naked funny is the funniest funny.

40. And Instagram has a lot of really nice selfies, too:

Credit: Instagram / caroluvz_4

47. In our work…


CREDIT: @toopunktofvck / Instagram

48. And in each other.

Credit: Instagram / iamxilomen

49. So maybe we can be categorized?

50. As unapologetically ourselves.


Credit: Instagram / deckofstudz77

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