50 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When You Search “Latinas” Online


OK, let’s begin.

1. Ok, “Latinas in STEM” is a nice start to this little adventure. Good job, internet!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.42.04 AM

2. Pfft. What as I so worried about?

3. Now let’s try searching “Latina women.” The top promoted result for that one is…  “gorgeous women.”

4. Which, true. We are gorgeous.

5. Oh, wait. It’s an ad…

6. …For Latina mail-order brides?!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.09.02 AM

7. No thanks.

8. We like our pollo delivered, not our people.

9. Let’s check Google Images and see what’s going on there…

10. Many gorgeous ladies!

11. (I mean, like I said before: Duh. We’re all gorgeous.)

12. But why does Google think all Latinas come in one skin tone?

13. Luckily, the Google Image section is also filled with educational facts:

CREDIT: whisper.sh / google

Credit: Whisper / Google

14. Ok, I’m done with Google Images. Let’s try Tumblr.

15. Ok, well. I see an issue with grammar, for one.

Credit: Tumblr / mitú

16. And that poor girl lost her bikini top. La pobre.

17. Oh, there’s some diversity. Thanks, I guess?

18. Ok, I think we get it, Tumblr. Now let’s check Instagram.

19. So Instagram really wants you to be aware that Latinas do, in fact, have mammary glands. Got it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.35.03 AM

Credit: Instagram

20. Oh, and plenty of memes about Latinas being psycho girlfriends.

21. Like I-will-kill-your-ass-level psycho.

22. A lot of memes about dudes wanting to, yet being scared to, date us.

23. For the record, some of us are just single because we’re REALLY busy.

24 And some of us are single because some men (#notalldudes, I know, I know) can be pendejos.

25. And some of us – gasp!– don’t date men!

26. Do you think the internet knows that? Because I don’t think so.

27. Wait, did I mention the internet thinks we’re crazy violent?

28. Like the sheer amount of “crazy Latina girlfriend” memes is kinda ridic.

29. Oh, and even though we hail from upwards of 20 completely different countries, we can be narrowed down usually to 2 segments:

Which one of these is your girlfriend? Tag your latina here. ? ??

A photo posted by @meetbraziliangirls on

30. I think, more accurately, this means there are two types of people searching the Latina tag…

31. Latinas who want to see how we’re represented…

32. …And assholes.

33.  Dear Instagram, if I’m an A-Cup, am I still Latina or nah?

I made a thing

A photo posted by Regina Castañeda ? (@ohreg) on

CREDIT: @ohreg / Instagram

34. These photos are like 89.3 percent boobies.

35. I need to buy nicer underwear.

36. And I need all these girls’ workout secrets.

37. More photos with lots of skin… But wait! Found a relatable one:

38. Toilet phone call muting skill level = expert.

39. Naked funny is the funniest funny.

40. And Instagram has a lot of really nice selfies, too:

Good Morning #?

A photo posted by B E A T R I C E F L Y (@beatricefly) on


A photo posted by Be Gentle With Yourself (@sandyfitlife) on

41. Hmmm. Why do these photos feel so different from the rest?

42. Ohhhh wait, it’s because it’s Latinas posting about ourselves.

43. This is why selfies are actually important.

44. Wait, I do see one positive stereotype in these photos Latinas post of ourselves…

45. …We’re confident AF.

46. In our relationships…

Killing it ❤? #noturavarage#bitchesbelike#latinasbelike#weddingvows#queenb#shesaiditbest#beyonce

A photo posted by Carolina? (@caroluvz_4) on

Credit: Instagram / caroluvz_4

47. In our work…

*Snaps in Z formation* ? #Recognize #LatinasBeLike #NoChill

A photo posted by Pat/Patz/Patsi/Patty-whatever. (@lipstick.n.bruises) on

CREDIT: @toopunktofvck / Instagram

48. And in each other.

….❤ #femaleempowerment #feminist #especiallyblackgirls #transwomen #muslimwomen #latinawomen

A photo posted by Ronelle King (@iamxilomen) on

Credit: Instagram / iamxilomen

49. So maybe we can be categorized?

50. As unapologetically ourselves.

Because I love being one??? I'm back and I'm better???#Latina #peruvian #itstrue #mochagoodness #loveyourroots #women #latinawomen

A photo posted by Frankenstein Gutierrez (@deckofstudz77) on

Credit: Instagram / deckofstudz77

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What do you think about when you see Latinas represented online? Mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments.

J.Lo’s New Video Is The Perfect Response To Mansplaining We’ve Been Looking For


J.Lo’s New Video Is The Perfect Response To Mansplaining We’ve Been Looking For

Credit: JenniferLlopezVevo / Epic Records / Nuyorican Soul

Jennifer Lopez just released her new music video for “Ain’t Your Mama” and… it. Is. EVERYTHING. ??

The video starts with powerful — we mean POWERFUL — quotes from female activists like Hillary Clinton…

Credit: @hillaryclinton / Instagram

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all,” Clinton told a crowd in Beijing at the United Nations Fourth World Congress on Women.

…Patricia Arquette…

Credit: @pattyarquette / Instagram

“It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America,” Arquette told the nation during the 87th Academy Awards.

(Btw, J.Lo reacted to Arquette’s comments like this:)

Credit: The Academy Awards / shickdizzle / Reddit

…and Gloria Steinem.

View this post on Instagram

@gloriasteinem has clocked a half-century as an activist, journalist and feminist leader. Now, at 82, she’s producing and hosting her first TV series. Beginning on Tuesday on @viceland, her show, “Woman,” will explore human rights and violence against women all over the world. “What I hope is, seeing it will be the closest thing to being on the ground yourself,” @gloriasteinem said. Her collaboration with a company that made its name on bro-centric content was hardly an obvious match. @gloriasteinem knew of the brand’s “very masculine reputation,” as she put it. But “Woman,” which is produced by an all-female team and explores topics ranging from child marriage in Zambia to sexual attacks in the U.S. military, is not an easy watch. @gloriasteinem was adamant that it would present a complex portrait of its subjects and offer viewers a way to become involved. The photographer @malinfezehai photographed #GloriaSteinem on the terrace of the @vice office in Brooklyn.

A post shared by The New York Times (@nytimes) on

Credit: @nytimes / Instagram

“This is no simple reform. It really is a revolution,” Steinem said at the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971.

The intro alone has us like…


Credit: Broad City / Comedy Central / ultraselfdeprecatingnarcissist / Tumblr

But the rest of J.Lo’s music video is full of important lessons for both men AND women. Let’s count them.

Credit: Billboard / Tumblr

Like “I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama.”

1. It’s important to appreciate your woman and her hard work.

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you have the right to be a tool to your better half. Emphasis on better.

“I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama.”

2. If you don’t appreciate your lover, things are gonna be pretty bad for you.

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Me: Now pick up the roast, Hector. Looks like you have a mess to clean up.

“I ain’t your mama, boy, I ain’t your mama.”

3. Let’s start acknowledging just how important women are to corporate America.

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Women only make up 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs, and that is an all-time high. (WTF?!) Clearly, there are more women trying to climb that ladder.

“When you gon’ get your act together?”

4. Women, especially coworkers, are NOT around for your objectification, OK?

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Keep the eyes up here and your day will be A LOT better. ?

“I ain’t your mama.”


Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Because as J.Lo says, “Lucky to have these curves.”

“No, I ain’t your mama.”

Preach! ?

Credit: RHONJ / Bravo TV / binch / Tumblr

Watch J.Lo’s full music video below!

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

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