5 Charts That Describe Moving Out And Getting Your Own Place

Moving out can be an exciting, yet extremely stressful, event no matter what your background is. But for many Latinos, it can be, well…

Especially fraught.

Here are some things that inevitably happen when you fly from the next and get your own place, in handy chart form:

You’ll need a better data plan:

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

Your snacks will be judged:

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

…As will your roommate:

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

You’ll be compared to other, better kids who didn’t break their parents’ hearts:

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

But, hey, at least there’s one perk…

Your place will be spotless:

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

And, come on. They’re proud of you. Even if your roommate is a loser and your dishes are unwashed. That’s life!

Credit: PBS

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What was the reaction when you moved out?

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