This Selfie Mario Lopez Took With Donald Trump Gave Us A LOT To Think About

So, at some point, “Extra” host Mario Lopez took a smiling selfie with reality television star Donald Trump (and, for the record, with Hillary Clinton as well). And we had, like. A thought or 33 about it all.

1. We really hope they took a face swap version of this.

2. Or took this to Snapchat with the puppy face filter. 

3. God, that filter is so goddamn flattering.

4. Anyway. Yeah, what Ana Ortiz said. Double-you. Tee. Eff.

5. Like. What exactly is going on here?

6. What’s with making candidates seem like a friend or someone you’d ever want selfies with?

7. Hell, we don’t want a president to be our friend, ever.

8. We want one who is, like, way too smart to want to hang out with us. Who’s out there, like, doing equations for fun.

9. Or whatever super smart people do.

10. Mario, show off your dimples if you need us to come rescue you!

11. (Ah. HA! We knew it.)

12. Wow. Mario really doesn’t age at all, does he?

13. It’s almost like he made some kind of blood sacrifice to a demonic entity, thus preserving his eternal youth.

14. It’s always interesting to see who does an open mouth smile versus closed mouth.

15. Like Trump is very much all about the patented Olsen “prune”:

Credit: Twitter / Mario Lopez

16. And Hillary is def more a fan of the wide smile:

Credit: Twitter / Mario Lopez

17. And Mario’s got that versatility. You go, Mar-Lo.

18. And us? Well, we’re in a constant state of silently screaming.

19. Especially during election season.

20. Especially during THIS election season.

21. We also kind of felt bad for Mario when he started seeing the online backlash to his selfie, specifically the one with Trump. He made a video explaining the he wasn’t, like, “hanging out” with the candidates, he was just doing his job:

22. OK, pero like… You also literally ARE hanging out with them, Mario. Taking selfies. Smiling that dimpled smile.

23. Also, you tried to create a connection between Spanish speakers and Trump:


Credit: Twitter / Mario Lopez

24. Bro.

25. Like. Come on, bro.

26. But, seriously. Why are candidates appearing on entertainment news shows?

27. The reality is that Trump’s anti-Latino, and particularly anti-Mexican, rhetoric is courting a culture of hatred.

28. It’s playing out more and more and more and more in real life.

29. And that’s frightening.

30. We’re not entertained.

31. So, uh. Hey, what’s with all the shadows along the walls?

32. Are they being sucked into a swirling vortex of pain and darkness?

33. MARIO, NOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Credit: NBC

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