28 Thoughts All Chismosas Have

When you’re a true, grade-A chismosa, you tend to have gossip on your mind just a little…

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RUDE. OK, let’s see what goes through a true chismosa’s head during the course of a day:

1. My chisme radar is tingling! Somewhere out there, chisme is brewing…

2. Hmm. What are those two talking about over there?

3. Damn, I wish I could read lips.

4. … and read minds.

5. … and turn invisible so I can just hang around while people are talking.

6. Wait, is that creepy?

7. Omg, Fulana has her “I have chisme for you” look on!

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8. (Yes, it’s definitely a look.)

9. Yes! The two most beautiful words ever: “TENGO CHISME.”

10. OK, I can’t believe Fulana is making me wait for chisme.

11. Making someone wait for chisme is LITERAL TORTURE.

12. It should be illegal.

13. Like, I’m calling the police.

14. And when someone says “… oh, and don’t tell anyone”?

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15. Like. Are you kidding me?

16. You know I can’t keep this chisme to myself!

17. What if I just give hints about the chisme?

18. Like “Blue’s Clues,” but for gossip.

19. If someone figures it out on their own, I’m not really TELLING it, right?

20. Aw yiss, my neighbors are arguing.

21. ? ? ?

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22. I’ll just lean casually against this window, all casual-like.

23. God, I’m so good at this. 

24. Chisme is my main source of vitamins and electrolytes.

25. Oh wait, now I have to pretend not to have already heard this chisme.

26. Look, it’s not my fault people trust me with their stories.

27. … and everyone else’s, too.

28. God, I love chisme.

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