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17 Selena Tattoos That Have Our Hearts Going Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Selena fans are the the most loyal, committed and artistically diverse to ever grace this planet. Don’t believe us, just scroll…

There is the obligatory Selena signature tattoo that everyone recognizes.

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Selena is DEFINITELY being remembered as La Reina of just about everything.

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And she has even been reimagined as the most popular Lotería card.

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Now THAT’S a Lotería card someone should create.

Her fans have even taken some of her most iconic photos…

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…and given them a personal twist…

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…because we all love her in different ways.

Anything for SELENAS!! #newtatt#selenaquintanilla#lopezart#anythingforselenas#potrait

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And all of them are fierce AF. 💓 💓 💓

Some fans honor La Reina with a simple portrait.

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And others just want to capture Selena’s radiant smile.

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People also commemorate her impactful words.

Yes. I'm in a dress 😛 #dress #girl #lesbian #what #random #caligirl #instagood

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And everyone reading this just started singing that song.

It wouldn’t be a Selena tattoo story without some bustiers!

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And who could forget this one!

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One clever fan perfectly captured her love of pizza.

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And a few of her other favorite things.

And this “messy hair, don’t care” tat proves Selena fans love her in all her forms.

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There is even this tattoo of the Tejana singer giving it her all for the fans.

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Now, if only they would have added the lipstick smudge to the microphone. #HyperReality

This is probably THE CUTEST take on a Selena classic.

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Meanwhile, we’re all still looking for our 512 love…

Purple jumpsuit Selena tattoo? Duh!

Mo finally got her Selena tattoo. @greenpointtattooco

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And you should never forget about the fan favorite.

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We love you, Selena!

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Let’s remember Selena today as the most influential Latina musician to ever grace our ears and share this story with everyone you know!

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