15 Times Telenovelas Had The Best Responses To Everyday Life


You don’t usually turn to telenovelas to answer life’s greatest questions. But let’s be real, they sure can provide some spot-on responses to everyday problems…

When you’re trying to handle your cruda at work:


Nobody disturb me.

When your cheating ex texts you asking for a second chance:


Ahahahhahahahahahahahaha! ¿No que no?

When your boss blasts your inbox with “URGENT” emails on a Sunday morning:


Here’s what s/he can do with that.

When your little brother tells on you (and you want to kill him, but mami’s around):

bettylafea2 (1)

Hate you.

When mom asks si quedó claro (for the 20th time):


I said YES!

When you get nervous on a first date:


Nothing like spitting in his face to break the ice. If Mia Colucci can get away with it, so can I.

When someone says you can’t dance:


? “Don’t believe me? Just watch.”

When you spent two hours contouring and highlighting, and Papi says you can’t go out:


“A dónde crees que vas?” The terror.

When you’re real mad at bae, but he’s too damn fine:


You hate giving in, but what can you do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When you have a great hair day:


You slayyyy that hair flip and make sure everyone notices.

When your amigo is trying to take you home from the party because your ass is too drunk:


Don’t f*cking touch meee!

When you’re tipsy and your favorite taqueria is closed:


¿Ahora qué voy a hacer?

When you wake up at the beach after a night of copas:


WTF happened last night?

When your bestie cancels plans last minute:


And you said you’d never invite her again because she did the same thing last time.

And when someone asks, “You really gonna eat all that?”:

Credit: Televisa / LipstickAlley

Watch me, boo.

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People Are Taking Their Anger At Donald Trump Out On His Defenseless Walk Of Fame Star


People Are Taking Their Anger At Donald Trump Out On His Defenseless Walk Of Fame Star

@sunxnes / Twitter

It hasn’t been a good stretch for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. First, his campaign manager was charged with battery over an incident at a campaign event in Jupiter, Fla. Now, it looks like his campaign’s messaging is having a negative toll on his businesses. Also suffering because of his campaign? The Donald’s poor Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Tourists and Angelenos, animals and humans have all taken time out of their days to let the actual, literal star know how they REALLY feel about Trump.

People were going OFF on his Walk of Fame star less than a month into Trump’s presidential bid.

Credit: @rayyleww / Twitter

Pero like, if Spiderman is doing then it can’t be that wrong, right?

And it’s gotten worse/better!  Both humans and animals have started using the star as a toilet.


Credit: @taybuggxoxo / Twitter

This little pooch was among the first faces of the “Anti-Trump Star” movement and he seems pretty proud of himself. ?

Before you knew it, everyone just had to leave Trump a little fecal reminder.

Credit: @timdrake / Twitter

And it’s not just poop that’s being left behind.

Credit: @rimmedmagazine / Twitter

To be fair, it’s a well-documented fact that Donald Trump loves all things gold. So, naturally, we wonder if the same applies to showers.

There is so much piss and sh*t landing on the star that it’s starting to smell like a New York subway stop.

Credit: @brand_BIG / Twitter

But it’s not just bodily waste! Some people are also resorting to old-school vandalism.

Credit: @WorldOfK_ / Twitter

Clearly, the people have a lot they want to say and they think the star is more receptive to criticism than the man.

Even groups are getting in on the action. #SquadGoals


Credit: @Juan_C_Pineda / Twitter

One vandal showed that they just want to silence the noise around the GOP frontrunner.


Credit: @sunxnes / Twitter

It’s gotten so bad that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce thought about removing the star.

Credit: @abc7marccr / Twitter

They ultimately decided to leave it.

The real question, now, is whether the same people who’ve made the effort and taken the risk to deface the star *will actually come out to vote.*

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