15 Times Telenovelas Had The Best Responses To Everyday Life

You don’t usually turn to telenovelas to answer life’s greatest questions. But let’s be real, they sure can provide some spot-on responses to everyday problems…

When you’re trying to handle your cruda at work:


Nobody disturb me.

When your cheating ex texts you asking for a second chance:

When your boss blasts your inbox with “URGENT” emails on a Sunday morning:

When your little brother tells on you (and you want to kill him, but mami’s around):

When mom asks si quedó claro (for the 20th time):

When you get nervous on a first date:

When someone says you can’t dance:

When you spent two hours contouring and highlighting, and Papi says you can’t go out:

When you’re real mad at bae, but he’s too damn fine:

When you have a great hair day:

When your amigo is trying to take you home from the party because your ass is too drunk:

When you’re tipsy and your favorite taqueria is closed:

When you wake up at the beach after a night of copas:

When your bestie cancels plans last minute:

And when someone asks, “You really gonna eat all that?”:

Credit: Televisa / LipstickAlley

Watch me, boo.

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