15 Things You Find At Every Quince

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Every quince is as unique as the quinceañera being celebrated, but let’s not pretend there aren’t a few similarities you find at every quince like…

1. A dress that looks like it ate every other dress for breakfast.

Quinceañera dress meme

Sometimes the dress is so big you can barely see the quinceañera inside.

2. A LARGE limo that’s anything but demure.

Limo gif
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…that is always late!

3. Bottles of magic hairspray.

Hairspray movie gif
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Because you have to make sure every pelito is as stiff as a board. 

4. Centerpieces that make you go DAYUM!

Love this… #AliceInWonderland #Quinceañera #RedQueen

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They’re not real centros de mesa if your tías aren’t fighting over them.

5. A few rateros.

quince centerpiece meme
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Can you blame people for stealing the centerpieces? Nope, you can’t. It’s like a battle of master thieves to see who gets to take the arreglos home with them.

6. A recuerdo that’s unforgettable.

Yet so many people forget to take them home.

7. A cake big enough to feed an entire pueblo. 

Workflow ?? #quincecake #pasteldequinceanos #stillonemoretogo #bakerylife

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I mean you can’t have a big dress, a big limo and not have BIG cake.

8. Color coordinated linens.

#decoration #wedding #boda #quinceanera #baptism #linen #aqua #silver #ceilingdraping #arch #arco

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If it doesn’t match the dress, it’s not happening.

9. A photographer who does the impossible to get the perfect shot.

He’ll climb on top of a tree if he has to.

10. A squad that has to werk.

They weren’t invited just to look pretty.

11. A quinceañera who has to fake it.

Rhianna quince meme
Credit: notiminuto.com

Because who knows, that person might be her fourth cousin.

12. That kid who just can’t hang.

sleeping kid gif
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There’s always that one kid who gets caught snoozing under the table or on a bed made of chairs.

13. Las criticonas.

RuPaul's Drag Race gif
Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race/Logo TV/thetroublewithdotme/Tumblr

You know the ones, they’re usually the tías sitting together surveying the scene and telling each other how they would’ve done it better.

14. At least one non-Latino guest who’s having a blast being around so much fabulousness.

Gringo at a quince
Credit: UnknownMamiPage/Facebook

Gotta love diversity.

15. A man who starts off as a catrín…and ends up as a sloppy borracho.

Catrin Borracho meme
Credit: friki.net

And creates a ton of drama. It’s open bar after all.

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