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15 Things You Find At Every Quince

Every quince is as unique as the quinceañera being celebrated, but let’s not pretend there aren’t a few similarities you find at every quince like…

1. A dress that looks like it ate every other dress for breakfast.

Quinceañera dress meme

Sometimes the dress is so big you can barely see the quinceañera inside.

2. A LARGE limo that’s anything but demure.

Limo gif








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…that is always late!

3. Bottles of magic hairspray.

Hairspray movie gif








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Because you have to make sure every pelito is as stiff as a board. 

4. Centerpieces that make you go DAYUM!

Love this… #AliceInWonderland #Quinceañera #RedQueen

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They’re not real centros de mesa if your tías aren’t fighting over them.

5. A few rateros.

quince centerpiece meme











Can you blame people for stealing the centerpieces? Nope, you can’t. It’s like a battle of master thieves to see who gets to take the arreglos home with them.

6. A recuerdo that’s unforgettable.

Yet so many people forget to take them home.

7. A cake big enough to feed an entire pueblo. 



Workflow ?? #quincecake #pasteldequinceanos #stillonemoretogo #bakerylife

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I mean you can’t have a big dress, a big limo and not have BIG cake.

8. Color coordinated linens.

#decoration #wedding #boda #quinceanera #baptism #linen #aqua #silver #ceilingdraping #arch #arco

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If it doesn’t match the dress, it’s not happening.

9. A photographer who does the impossible to get the perfect shot.

He’ll climb on top of a tree if he has to.

10. A squad that has to werk.



They weren’t invited just to look pretty.

11. A quinceañera who has to fake it.

Rhianna quince meme

Because who knows, that person might be her fourth cousin.

12. That kid who just can’t hang.

sleeping kid gif












There’s always that one kid who gets caught snoozing under the table or on a bed made of chairs.

13. Las criticonas.

RuPaul's Drag Race gif
Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race/Logo TV/thetroublewithdotme/Tumblr

You know the ones, they’re usually the tías sitting together surveying the scene and telling each other how they would’ve done it better.

14. At least one non-Latino guest who’s having a blast being around so much fabulousness.

Gringo at a quince









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Gotta love diversity.

15. A man who starts off as a catrín…and ends up as a sloppy borracho.

Catrin Borracho meme

And creates a ton of drama. It’s open bar after all.

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