15 Things Latinos From Catholic Families Know To Be True

Whether you currently practice Catholicism or not, you know the belief in Papá Dios is woven into your family’s traditions, habits and everyday locura. For example…

There was no arguing when abuela summoned you to mass.

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As abuela puts it, “Si tienes tiempo para comer mierda con tus amigitos, tienes tiempo para misa!” Of course, you might already be at mass because abuelita forced you to “volunteer” as an altar server, usher or choir member.

Lose something? Have a test coming up? Feel bored? Light a vela.

Actually, candle-lighting in general is the vivaporu of Catholicism…

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When in doubt, light one for La Virgen de [insert your country’s virgin here].

Growing up, some movies were just off limits.

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“Hocus Pocus”? Apparently it’s written by, directed by and starring: ~*~ El Diablo ~*~

You had to learn prayers in both English and Spanish.

You earned extra points from your fam if your crush was Catholic, too.


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Now you can focus on what he/she should really be judged on: appetite.

You knew better than to tell your fam “Happy Holidays.”

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Forget political correctness; it’s “Feliz Navidad,” ?

“Felices Pascuas,” ? or a sopapo. ? Your choice.

The “que comistes?” phone calls from home got a little bit more stressful on Fridays during Lent…


Your first communion was kiiind of a big deal.

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Also, please take a moment and look at mini Selena Gomez’s Communion pic. Precious.

While other kids were excited for Christmas Day, you were all about Nochebuena.

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Especially if it meant roughly sixteen helpings of lechón.

…Until it came time for midnight mass.

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And the presents kept coming ’til January. Thanks, Reyes Magos!

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Fill up those Nikes, wise guy.

Praying el rosario is a group affair, especially for viejitas.


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Praying… or passively-aggressively pointing out Tío Pepe’s drinking problem? One will never know.

And even if you eventually found your own spiritual identity…

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You know your family’s religious culture helped shape who you are.

You will never forget: Jesús está en todas partes.


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