15 Signs You Found Your Future Comadre

You two were instant besties, basically you should have been twins separated at birth. If you could marry her, you would. Here’s how you know you’ve found The One…

You talk shit about the same people.

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And the same people talk shit about you two.

Neither of you get offended when you call each other gorda or b*tch.

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If someone else said it, fists would fly.

She’s the only person who’s seen you without makeup.

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It’s a sacred bond.

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Your favorite place to shop is her closet.

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And she doesn’t mind.

You fight…

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But always make up.

You have a whole “casual” dance routine developed for clubs.

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It never fails to get attention.

Her family is like your family.


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You run to them when your parents are pissed off at you.

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You don’t communicate with words.

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More like eyebrow raises, eye rolls and hair flips. You basically have a secret face language at this point.

She understands your fatness.

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And always supports your food binges… even at 3 a.m.

Your outfits go together like chile y limón.

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On “accident.”

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You have your very own handshake.


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Because you’re basically back in middle school when you hang with her. #BestYearsOfYourLife

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You’ve peed your pants laughing together.


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Other people were there, they just didn’t get it.

You take your coffee the exact same way.

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The right way.

She loves lip syncing to Selena as much as you do.

Credit: canadaloveselena /Tumblr

No one else understands your obsession.

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You’re definitely naming your daughters after each other.


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That’s going in the prenup.

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