Here are 3 Perfect Selena Lyrics for Your Breakup Posts and 12 More for Other Situations

Struggling to perfectly caption your latest Instagram post? Selena is here with her beautiful words to give you the perfect line for all types of posts, from TBTs to relationships.

Selena Breakup
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1. Como la flor con tanto amor me diste tú, se marchitó. Me marcho hoy, yo sé perder 

2. ¿Qué creías, qué ibas a regresar y me ibas a encontrar contenta al recibirte?

3. No me vuelvas a llamar, tratando de explicar, que lo que vi no era cierto.

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Selena Inspirational
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4. I’ll be dreaming of you tonight, ’till tomorrow I’ll be holding you tight.

5. Y cuando al fin estemos juntos, los dos no importa qué dirá, también la sociedad.

6. Pero hoy por fin me he decidido de veras todo mi amor a confesarle.

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Selena Love
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7. ‘Cause I could take you in my arms and never let go.

8. Didn’t think that a love could mean that much, but you’ve sure changed my mind with your touch.

9. Enamorada de ti yo estoy. Tu me vuelves loca, loca de pasión.

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Selena TBT
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10. I feel so all alone when I don’t have you near, but I often think of the happy times we spent together.

11. Tengo un recuerdo de ti que siempre me hace tan feliz.

12. Y por quererte olvidar, me tiro a la borrachera y a la perdicion.

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Selena Partying
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13. Baila, baila esta cumbia, mueve, mueve la cintura.

14. Cuando escucho esta canción mi corazón quiere cantar así.

15. Baila, baila sin parar, no hay tiempo para descansar.

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Zariah And Ugly Primo Want To Make Sure That You Get Out There And Vote For Our Community

Things That Matter

Zariah And Ugly Primo Want To Make Sure That You Get Out There And Vote For Our Community

Weiden + Kennedy / YouTube

There is a lot at stake in the upcoming elections. Organizations representing so many communities have come forward to fight for civil rights. Artists are also getting involved to make sure that their fans and and communities get out the vote and make the world the way they want to see it.

Zairah and Ugly Primo teamed up to tell their fans to get out and vote.

“Mueve El Pom Pom” is an anthem to all of the people out there who need to be mobilized to go vote. Ugly Primo and Zairah teamed up to create a visual piece of art that highlights the importance of getting out the vote in a very important election.

The animated music video makes the case for the need to get out the vote. Zairah and Ugly Primo highlight the crises facing the American public from affordable healthcare to an immigration system that needs to be reformed to the Trump administration’s continued attacks on public education.

The video is really pushing for people to get their pom poms to the polls.

Images of protest signs we have seen throughout Trump’s administration make an appearance. Black Lives Matter and pro-women signs appear in both English and Spanish to highlight the need for all communities to come together.

The visuals, done by the one and only Ugly Primo, drive home the importance of our community voting as a bloc to create the kind of society we want to live in. It is also encouraging people to go out and vote and to vote any way that they can.

The video is calling on the Latino community to come together and vote to save our democracy.

There is a lot of concern about the fate of democracy in the U.S. The Trump administration has bulldozed over political norms and made comments contrary to our democracy. The latest example of President Trump threatening American democracy is him saying he isn’t sure if he will accept the results of the election. This simple and peaceful transition of power is what democracies are built on. President Trump has not signaled that he will be willing to peacefully accept the election results.

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Body Positivity Hashtag Trends After Cardi B Accidentally Posted A Topless Photo On IG Story


Body Positivity Hashtag Trends After Cardi B Accidentally Posted A Topless Photo On IG Story

Prince Williams / Wireimage

Cardi B is an unabashed supporter of women. The rapper has fought for strippers and politicians and everyone in between. A recent social media snafu by Cardi B has women coming to her side after some body-shaming comments made.

Cardi B accidentally posted a topless photo to her Instagram story and quickly deleted it.

The reaction to the post quickly spawned a social media trend of women standing up for her. #BoobsOutForCardi was trending on all social media platforms as women stood up for Cardi B. Social media users started to attack the rapper for the size of her areolas because that’s something that happens.

Now, in all fairness, Cardi B doesn’t need anyone defending her.

Cardi B is more than capable of standing up for herself and taking control of the situation. However, it is so nice to see women come together to stand up against the kind of body shaming that is so last decade. The world is already too cruel to allow for senseless body shaming to run rampant on social media.

People are celebrating the hashtag and the photos people are posting.

The amount of support for body positivity is a welcome social media trend in 2020. The year has been a tough one for so many people and for so many reasons. Seeing a world that embraces peoples’ bodies is a good reminder that there is some positivity in the world right now.

Even men as showing their support for the cause.

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#boobsoutforcardi @iamcardib #tittytuesday😍

A post shared by Fatha Creacha (@fathacreachaa) on

Ain’t nothing wrong with men supporting women, okay? Body shaming is not specific to just one gender. On the contrary. Men and women face all kinds of pressure to conform to a certain body type.

Be proud of your bodies, y’all.

There is only one of you and your body does not define you. Be kind to yourself, no matter what other people might do or say. It is important to stay true to yourself and to never let anyone ever define who you are.

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