Mexican Girls Don’t Have Princes, They Have This…

You’ve met many guys in your life, but there’s one you just can’t get over.

He’s a perfect gentleman.


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Always attends to your needs. Not like others

But he knows when to play hard to get.

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“¡Regresa a mí!” ?

He’s so hot.

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And he knows it.

He never judges you.


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While everyone else is starving in front of their man, we’re over here like “Extra mayonesa, por favor.”

But he keeps you in shape.


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It counts.

He knows size matters.

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And his elotes are substantial.

He also has a generous heart.

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And never holds back.

It’s no wonder all the other girls want him.

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Talk about a wanted man.

You can’t get him off your mind.

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?I can’t stop dreamin’ of you/ Siempre estoy pensando en tí?

He’s the only man you wait for every afternoon.

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Same time, same place.

You want him all hours of the day.


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Wake up and smell the corn.

 Remember that time he was the best prom date ever?!

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He knows how to treat a girl.

No matter how messy it gets, you know you’re never going to split up.


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Nor could anything ever jinx your relationship.


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Not even a tattoo.

There’s no use fighting love at first sight.


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It was meant to be.

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