This Latina Gets A Ton Of Hate, But She Always Comes Through With The Most Savage Clapbacks

Say hello to Cardi B – singer, songwriter and all around badass Dominican-Trinidadian-American woman.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

You might recognize her from VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” or her poppin’ Instagram account. She reps the Bronx hard and basically, we want her to be our best friend. Everything that comes out of her mouth makes our eyebrows raise, but in a good, inspirational kinda way. Girlfriend doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks and to that, we say YAAAS.

Here are 15 reasons why Cardi B is a kick-ass Latina:

1. She is ghetto fab and classy at.the.same.damn.time.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Can we get “white people activities” crocheted onto a sweater, please?

2. She understands how apologies work.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Amen sister! Heard that.

3. She has NO time for emotions.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

And that once-a-month is totally out of her control because hormones.

4. She finally figured out why we need men in our lives.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

We ain’t saying it’s right, but it does make us snap our fingers. At least she’s honest about it.

5. She knows exactly who she is.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

We can agree to all of these things being absolutely terrible.

6. She understands the important things in life.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Again, keeping it 100 all the time, because who isn’t about the shmoney?

7. She has no time for basics.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Dare I say Cardi B is the Beyoncé of reality television? Sure, I’ll say it. GIRL, BYE.

8. She stands her ground.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Warning: You don’t want to have beef with Cardi B.

9. She’s brutally honest.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

In every sense of the phrase.

10. She isn’t into what most girls are into.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

Why try to fit into a box when you’re living on the outside of it? Cardi B is herself 100 percent of the time.

11. She owns her flaws.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

No insecure wallflower here. Can we talk about that shirt, though? Can’t. Look. Away. A pure goddess!

12. Did we mention she’s honest?

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

So simple and so true. If he ain’t cute, he ain’t cute!

13. She’s the most logical financial advisor.

Get your Romper @fashionnova babyyyyyy

A video posted by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

*Watchu lookin at? Watchu lookin at?*

14. She’s inspiring an entire generation.

These Grad caps be maaaa funny but atleast you worked hard to get one !!!CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION

A photo posted by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

“I would like to thank my parents, my abuelo, God & Cardi B.”

15. And this. Just… this. Sheer perfection.

Credit: Love & Hip Hop: New York / VH1

YAAAS CARDI B, YAAAS. This radical feminist is so boss and dope.

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How obsessed are you with Cardi B? Let us know in the comments below.

This Insane Video Game Out Of Mexico Will Break Your Reality


This Insane Video Game Out Of Mexico Will Break Your Reality


CREDIT: Broken リアリティー / YOUTUBE

A group of video game developers in Mexico are working on a game so weird that its trailer is enough to make you think you’ve just taken a hit of LSD. The trailer for “Broken Reality,” a game that was just listed on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, shows off a world that is an obvious nod to the unrefined 3D graphics found in many ’90s computer games. However, the developers ramped up the graphics to showcase a stunning game that could only be made with today’s technology.

The game’s visual style was carefully chosen to highlight the abstract world of “Broken Reality.”

CREDIT: Broken リアリティー / YOUTUBE

Rather than create a game with the polished, realistic look that most mainstream games go for, the Mexico City-based team embraced a surreal experience one might expect from playing on an old computer that’s about to crash. The backgrounds are all wrong. The graphics are glitchy. And the colors clash and bleed like a corrupt video file. All of these features are based around the game’s location.

“Broken Reality,” developers said, “is a single player first person adventure game set on a 3D reimagining of the World Wide Web.”

CREDIT: Broken リアリティー / YOUTUBE

The trailer opens with the sound of an old 56k modem connecting to the internet, immediately letting players know where and when the game draws its inspiration. For those who remember, mid to late ’90s Internet was a very experimental and confusing time. Every website had bizarre backgrounds, low-resolution graphics, and all videos were pixelated and barely watchable by today’s standards. Rather than trying to forget that era of online experience, the game’s developers borrowed heavily from it, saying, “[Broken Reality] is all about its atmosphere. Mostly inspired by internet subcultures, the game is driven by a musical and visual style reminiscent of late ’80s and early ’90s computer graphics.”

Not much is known about the gameplay at the moment.

CREDIT: Broken リアリティー / YOUTUBE

According to the Kickstarter, the game is still in its early phases and scheduled for released in late 2017. What we know is that players “will be able to surf back and forth between levels, unlocking new areas within them through the use of flavorful tools.” And “players are able to explore the interconnected world since the beginning, and may even find endings to the game early on although some endings will require more elaborate conditions to be met.” Many of the game’s goals are similar to that of being online, like making friends, giving thumbs up and collecting items.

We can’t talk about “Broken Reality” without bringing up Vaporwave.


Drawing influence from late ’90s internet culture is not a new idea. For the last several years, Vaporwave (a music/video genre) has slowly found a home on websites like YouTube and Bandcamp. Visually, Vaporwave videos tend to feature primitive computer graphics and old commercials that look like they’ve been copied off a dying VHS cassette. The music is harder to explain, but it tends to sound like smooth jazz that’s been chopped and screwed into a nice jam. “Broken Reality” might be the first video game to really embrace this kind of look on purpose, but it’s definitely not the first experiment like this to hit the internet.

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