13 Reasons That’ll Make You Change Your Mind About Getting A Boob Job

Your relationship with your bra is one that cannot be broken.

But warning, bras can stab you out of nowhere.

Your huge boobs are a constant reminder that not all trends are one size fits all.

Your friends love your portable pillows.

You want to find whoever created this genius invention.

Working out takes on a whole new meaning.


Credit: @meral_n_ali / Instagram

“Bounce Baby Bounce” is at the top of your workout playlist.

Tú y tu amiga think it’s cute to play peek-a-boo with your bra.

Your cup size makes for great comedic material.

Even funnier is having to do ridiculous sh*t like this.

This sums up your entire big boob existence.

What they say is true: Your boobs have a personality on their own.

You’re never hungry.


Because you have a secret stash.

You feel seriously discriminated against.

On the bright side, you saved yourself a ton of money.

Because, ¿qué cirugía ni que nada?!!

Credit: Modern Family / City TV / sofiavergara / Tumblr

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