13 Reasons That’ll Make You Change Your Mind About Getting A Boob Job

Your relationship with your bra is one that cannot be broken.

Because gravity.

But warning, bras can stab you out of nowhere.

Right in the chest. Beware of the underwire. It can and will betray you.

Your huge boobs are a constant reminder that not all trends are one size fits all.

As if there was any way you could have forgotten.

Your friends love your portable pillows.

Bueno, not all of them. (Awkward much?)

You want to find whoever created this genius invention.

And give that person a big boob-hug.

Working out takes on a whole new meaning.

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“Bounce Baby Bounce” is at the top of your workout playlist.

Tú y tu amiga think it’s cute to play peek-a-boo with your bra.

But it’s not as cute as you thought.

Your cup size makes for great comedic material.

And this sort of sh*t ain’t even funny really. 

Even funnier is having to do ridiculous sh*t like this.

Just to hold them up.

This sums up your entire big boob existence.

This should be turned into a flyer. 

What they say is true: Your boobs have a personality on their own.

And it seldom agrees with yours.

You’re never hungry.


Because you have a secret stash.

You feel seriously discriminated against.

And often find yourself day dreaming about what life would be like if you had small boobs.

On the bright side, you saved yourself a ton of money.

Because, ¿qué cirugía ni que nada?!!

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In This Brazilian Slum, Ballet Teaches Young Girls Everything About Life


In This Brazilian Slum, Ballet Teaches Young Girls Everything About Life

Credit: balletnapontadospes / weebly

Surrounded by poverty, Tuany Nascimento teaches 50 girls life lessons through one of the classiest dances, ballet.

Credit: figililly / Tumblr

The Complexo do Alemão favelas in Rio de Janeiro, where 60,000 residents live in constant drug violence and poverty, will not be getting much attention during the summer Olympics 2016.


Credit: @vassilva / Instagram

But Nascimento wants girls to think like olympic athletes in the school she opened in 2013, Na Ponta dos Pés (On Our Tiptoes).

Credit: balletnapontadospes / Weebly

“Classical ballet is one of the art forms that most transforms a person,” she says. “Once you are here, you have rules, you have discipline, you have challenges — all are things that you are going to find in your life. I will not have 49 ballerinas. If I have one, marvelous! But let’s have 49 girls who have an educated mind and are looking for a better future, where they know they have options. The majority think: I’m going to get a job near my home, then I’ll be a mother. They don’t leave the walls of the community. I want to show them that the world is large and that there’s a chance for everybody.”

Credit: Broad City / Comedy Central / ultraselfdeprecatingnarcissist / Tumblr

Nascimiento wants to show the world that the favelas are not just poverty and drugs.

Credit: balletnapontadospes / weebly

“It doesn’t help much if you come here and swap the weapons the traffickers have for the weapons the police have,” she says. “I think you could swap a weapon for a boxing glove, a weapon for a computer, a weapon for a ballet slipper.”

Read more about Tuany Nascimento ballet school here

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Is she an angel or what?

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