15 Non-Basic Latino Summer Snacks

Blueberry parfaits are cool, but you already know our food game is on another level. Here are some summertime snacks that’ll cool you down and make you say “qué rico!”

1. Concha Ice Cream

So appropriate for #NationalPinkDay! ???? Don't forget, we're open until 10:00PM tonight! ((PINK CONCHA ICE CREAM SANDWICH TODAY ONLY!!) ? ??@aridai_sindy #HorchateriaRL #ConchaIceCreamSandwich

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Whhyyyy did it take humanity so long to think of this?! Concha ice cream might be the greatest food invention put between two slices of bread since the cheeseburger was created. Biting into this bright and fluffy pan dulce bread creation will give you SO. MUCH. HAPPINESS.

2. Bionicos

Some bionicos for this nice ass weather #bionicos

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This fruit-filled snack will make you feel less guilty about drenching your plastic box in condensed milk because the toppings are *healthy* and may be nutritionist-approved like granola, raisins and dried coconut.

3. Mangoneada

Why is there no mango emoji, ? #mangoneada

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A mangoneada is basically a raspado that said “Hey, girl, hey!” to chamoy. The spicy and sweet blend packs just the right amount of sazón for the summer.

4. Paletas

#afternoon #paleta #treat from @alex.canevaro ? #vscodaily #vscocam #vscofood #f52grams

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Summer isn’t summer without a paleta. It’s become a staple just like shorts and sandals chanclas.

5. Micheladas

Yess please!

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Most people will tell you there’s nothing more refreshing on a summer day than an ice cold beer. Latinos will tell you there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold michelada. People are stepping up their miche game so much, some consider it to be more like breakfast than just a drink.

6. Raspado

Ice cream, thank you for playing, but you can take a seat. Raspado is on another level and doesn’t have you feeling bloated after. There’s just about any fruit flavor you can think of, like piña colada or nuez.

7. Horchata Frapp

Frappacino blended with horchata is the best of both worlds. Horchata blended with ice and whip on top? Yasss!

8. Gansito Frapp

Got that #gansitos frappe today ??

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Just when you thought frapps couldn’t get any better, our favorite cartoon duckling decided to jump in the game. Café Calacas in the OC dreamt up this chocolate creation that is inspired by a Gansito cake. It’s the sweetest thing!

9. Fresas Con Crema

Sliced strawberries are boringgg, so you know Latinos needed to add SOMETHING to make them pop…and that something comes in the form of crema. Once these two are swirled together, your taste buds are like HEART EMOJI.

10. Tostilocos


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We like Tostilocos because it doesn’t judge – it says ‘You do you.’ You throw in all of your favorite things and even though they’re super random, it somehow tastes amazing.

11. Fresada

12. Churro Chabet

Our Creamy Churro? Made with our Horchata ice cream & topped with warm churro bites! ??Tag your friends??

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Elado in Los Angeles is where childhood dreams go to get a snack. The handmade ice cream shop has two types of chabet creations – chamoy and sweet ice cream. The churro chabet has pieces of churros that sit on a bed of ice cream – and for extra sweetness, cajeta ice cream is also offered! In case you missed it, we repeat: CAJETA.

13. Banana Cervantes

Banana Cervantes FTW! (Original ?: @jennymichellely)

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Piña coladas or margaritas are the usual squad when it comes to cold cocktails, but BS Taqueria in downtown Los Angeles is giving you another option – the Banana Cervantes. Much like a piña colada, this drink is made with rum and served over crushed ice instead of blended.

14. Piñaloca

Piñaloca, lo pides lo asemos #cotysdeli #antojitosmexicanos

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Does this need a description? Just looking at this piña with cacahuates japoneses, tamarindo and chamoy, your tastebuds are already drooling.

15. Fruta Picada

And of course, you can’t get through summer without this ?.

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You May Know Them As Raspados, But In These Countries, They’re Known As Something Else


You May Know Them As Raspados, But In These Countries, They’re Known As Something Else

If you grew up in an area with an elotero, you know that chasing him down during hot summers often involved buying a different treat: cold, fresh raspados. Raspados are like snow cones, but with extra flavor and personality. However, you wouldn’t ask for a “raspado” if you were in El Salvador or Puerto Rico.

Check out what raspados are known as in these different Latin American countries: 

In El Salvador, these shaved ice desserts are known as minutas. 


These Salvadorian minutas are flavored with a variety of fruit syrups, and come with toppings such as tamarind jelly and fruit.

In Puerto Rico, people refer to these shaved ice desserts as piraguas.


The shaved ice is stacked up like a pyramid and flavored with fruit syrups. The vendors who sell this dessert are known as piragüeros.

In the Dominican Republic, this frozen delight is known as a ‘frio frio‘ or ‘yun yun.’


Made with a variety of fresh fruits, the syrups for these frio frios are very sweet and delicious.

In Peru, there are two types of these frozen desserts: a raspadilla or a cremolada.


While the raspadillas have chunks of ice, the cremoladas are more blended, appearing more like a smoothie.

In Brazil, you would refer to these frozen desserts as raspadinhas.


If you’re a fan of condensed milk, these sweet raspadinhas are definitely for you.

In Colombia, these frozen desserts are referred to as cholados or raspaos.


These desserts come with a variety of toppings such as fruit, wafer cookies and condensed milk.

In Panamá, these desserts are also known as raspaos.


What makes these Panamanian raspaos unique is the malt powder they add on top, which includes wheat flour, barley malt and powdered milk.

In Costa Rica, people refer to this dessert as chúrchill.


This Costa Rican frozen delight does not only come with shaved ice, but with ice cream as well, which is what makes it even tastier.

In Cuba, you would refer to this sweet dessert as a granizado or cepillado.


The vendors who sell these frozen treats are known as ‘granizaderos,’ and travel with their big blocks of ice and bottles of flavored syrups, which include flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, mint and more.

Annnnd now I’m craving a granizado.

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On #InternationalBeerDay, We Honor The Greatest Beer Drink On Earth – The Michelada


On #InternationalBeerDay, We Honor The Greatest Beer Drink On Earth – The Michelada

Today is International Beer Day, a day created to celebrate the fresh, hoppy flavors of brewskis the world over.

Many are celebrating by cracking a cold one with the boys.

Do The Right Thing/40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks

While beer gets a lot of love on this day, and every other day…


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the greatest beer invention in history, in my opinion.

Let’s all raise a ? to micheladas!

Is it 5 o'clock yet? ?:@small_fry42

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If you’re tragically not in the know, micheladas are a beer-based cocktail that mix a Mexican beer (like Modelo Especial or Pacifico) with Clamato tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and a rim of salt or Tajín. And if you really know your shit, you’ll add tasty garnishes like saladitos, olives, cucumber, mango and/or a Tamaroca banderilla candy.

My mouth is watering just typing this out.


Who doesn’t love a drink that also includes snacks??

And if micheladas weren’t perfect enough, they also cure hangovers!

Parks and Recreation/NBC

Tomato juice, spicy foods and hair of the dog are all individually proven as trusty hangover cures. Together they’re unstoppable, forming a Justice League of heroic hangover fighters. Micheladas are the heroes we all need, and definitely want.

But there are imposters out there.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Bravo

A lot of places out there will try to pass off some bunk-ass fake micheladas on their menu. One bar once had the audacity to hand me their blasphemous excuse of a michelada that consisted of basic V8 tomato juice and nothing else in it. Like wtf! To make matters worse, they rimmed it with powder pico de gallo seasoning and tried to claim it was Tajín.

At first I thought this had to be a joke. Surely no one would try to pass this sad, unflavored beer water as a delicious michelada.

The Interview/Columbia Pictures

But they did. They actually did.


No, bitch. No.

I survived though, thankfully. And I learned then that when you find that perfect michelada, with it’s delicate blend of salt and spice and, of course beer, it’s like finding true love.

That 70’s Show/Fox

True love that gets you kinda drunk. Cheers!

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