13 Micheladas That Get You Thirsting For Summer

Summer, we’re ready for you.

You can’t go wrong with la clásica.

But there are a ton of other options, like this cocochelada.

It’s as if a michelada and a piña colada had a baby.

Or miches for those of us who can’t pick between food or drinks…

Because no one should ever have to pick.

Or between a bloody mary and a miche.


If you have a hard time deciding between a michelada and a bloody mary, Long Beach-based Micho & Mary mix (which was voted second-best Michelada-Bloody Mary mix, according to the brand’s Insta page) has a two-for-one combo you will want to try with your Tapatio and guacamole appetizer. Yummm!

Here’s this when a paleta alone isn’t enough to keep us cool.?

There’s also this paleta that literally melts into a michelada.

Yep, it’s a paleta made of mix that you let sit in beer and the michelada is made as you watch it melt. Whoever created this is a heaven-sent genius.

Even non-oyster lovers drool over these michelada shooters.


Some people can’t stand the slimy texture of an oyster, but even those people wouldn’t be able to turn this shooter down. This mariscos restaurant in La Puente, Calif., is making oysters way more delicious with these tiny michelada shooters topped with salted rims and cucumber garnishes and a raw oyster.

And c’mon, these Mexican candy micheladas are what our dreams are made of!


Forget bougie shrimp cocktails served in a martini glass.

Those are such a joke compared to this. I’m never going back to that basic version.

These over-the-top chamoy and tamarindo micheladas already have us smacking our lips.

Others do flasks, but I’ll take one of these magical little bottles.

Some of the geniuses behind the iconic Oaxacan restaurant Guelaguetza created a michelada mix you can take on the go. Yasss!

And aside from a taco truck, this is the only other car I need in my life.

Craft beer snobs, this one’s for you.

Who says craft beer can’t get into the michelada game? Angel City is ready to be the MVP with its Srirachelada, a kegged beer cocktail mixed up to the brim with agave syrup, lime juice, pickled banana pepper juice, Clamato and you guessed it – Sriracha sauce.

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