When It Comes To This, Latinos Just Can’t Tell The Truth

It’s not that Latinos are liars, we just have our own way of communicating the truth.

El chile no está picoso.


My mouth is on fire, but I don’t want to look like a bebé llorón.

I’m not drunk.


That stair just moved!

Ya voy llegando.


To be completely honest, your call just woke me up.

I’ll pay you tomorrow.


You’ll never see that money again.

No tengo hambre.


There’s no way I’m eating your low carb, gluten free, sugar-free chocolate cake.

I’m a queen on the dance floor.


All I need is some liquor courage to tackle that bachata.

Lo juro por Dios / mi mamá.


Do you believe me?

I don’t have cash.


My money only buys food, booze and clothes. Girl Scout cookies are NOT food.

No me duele.

I want you to feel the excruciating pain I’m feeling.

I’m not jealous.


As long as you don’t have close friends of the opposite sex.

I know how to fix it.


I don’t want to pay someone to fix it or I want to impress you.

Te llamo en cinco.


It can be seconds, minutes, years, whenever.

It’s like two minutes away.


I’ll just keep saying that until we actually get there.

Tranquilo, que no le voy a hacer nada.


Ha. We all know this is the biggest lie.

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Reality TV GIFs That Sum Up That Time Trump Had To Climb A Wall To Attend His Own Rally


Reality TV GIFs That Sum Up That Time Trump Had To Climb A Wall To Attend His Own Rally

Tom Pennington/Getty Images (Remixed by MiTu)

The California GOP held its state convention last week and, well… it was a dramatic AF sh*tshow. At the root of this political chaos was none other than Donald Trump, because of course. Trump’s esteemed reality TV colleagues help tell the story — and how we feel about it.

From the get-go, raza came out strong!

Credit: @thomaskaplan/Twitter

A coalition of hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, Calif., to protest the GOP frontrunner. Despite what the New York Times will have you believe, there were a lot of Latinos visibly present at the event.

TFW the largest Latino population in the country makes itself known:

tumblr_mzvbj3p7uQ1qbbb7uo2_250 (1)
Credit: Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo/ RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

Even Captain Mexico, the lesser known but cooler Avenger, was there!

Credit: @crv716/Twitter

For real tho, shout out to Captain Mexico for showing up.

Credit: Real Housewives of New Jersey/Bravo/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

Side note: What are the odds that the dude dressed in that costume is actually named Jesus? Like 25 percent?

Unfortunately, things got a little TOO LIT.

Credit: Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

The Los Angeles Times reports that five people were arrested after skirmishes broke out on Friday. Come on, gente!

Credit: Kimora:Life In The Fab Lane/ E!/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

On the bright side, the demonstrations forced Trump’s motorcade to make a U-turn.

Credit: BBCNews/YouTube

The most hated man in Latino America™ was forced to go through the back, which LOL.

Credit: I Love New York/VH1/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr.

Unfortunately, the pleasure of watching Trump scuttle around was short-lived. “It felt like I was crossing the border!” Trump quipped. Cue the rage.

Credit: WRLDTV/YouTube

Yo, dawg, are you for real gonna make a joke about an arduous and dangerous journey that results in hundreds of deaths a year?

tumblr_md14xoE7Mt1qlvwnco1_400 (1)
Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race/ LOGO/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

What’s worse, that joke killed!

tumblr_m3m7i5Oorz1ql5yr7o1_r1_500 (1)
Credit: The Apprentice/NBC/RealityTFGIFs/Tumblr

Ugh, people laughing at Trump’s joke makes us all…

tumblr_mwwoj9Pqe61ql5yr7o1_500 (3)
Credit: Real House Wives of Beverly Hills/Bravo/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

…but then you remind yourself that #lovetrumpshate.

Credit: Real Housewives of New Jersey/Bravo/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

And then you realize that Trump’s hateful rhetoric won’t work in the general election.

Credit: Celebrity Apprentice/NBC/RealityTFGIFs/Tumblr

But that still doesn’t mean you can be complacent, because otherwise you’ll get pushed around.

tumblr_ntnfobo9LS1ql5yr7o1_500 (1)
Credit: L.A. Hair/WE TV/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

And so you make it your business to get as many Latinos to register to vote as possible.

Credit: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Bravo/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

Because at this point, stopping Donald Trump should be a big priority for the Latino community.

Credit: Braxton Family Values/WE TV/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

So make his life miserable by registering to vote. You can do it here, or here, or even here!

Credit: L.A. Hair/WE TV/RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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