15 Latino Costumes that Won’t Offend

Every year Halloween stores roll out a ton of costumes. For some reason, the Latino-themed ones end up being extremely offensive. Why is that?! There are so many options that wouldn’t be. Check out this list and get inspired, like really inspired…

1. La Chilindrina

#lachilindrina jauajauajauau obstetricia y puericultura

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2. El Chavo

El Nice #chaves #elchavo

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After all, he is everyone’s favorite and most lovable bum.

3. El Chapulin Colorado


Because having a heart of gold is never overrated.

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4. La Llorona

…can't believe October is almost half-way over. SLOW DOWN! ? #fbf #lallorona #weepingwoman

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Just in case you want to scare everyone this Halloween, especially if you are going to be answering the door for unsuspecting trick or treaters. ?

5. Sugar Skull (Día de los Muertos)

For the girls who want to be beautiful, artsy, and culturally relevant this Halloween season.

6. Frida Kahlo

Because who wouldn’t want to look like Frida Kahlo!?

7. Selena

???? brand co-owner @lalaromero ????

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Admit it. You’ve always wanted an excuse to wear the famous purple jumpsuit and twirl around the dance floor.

8. Tapatío Man


When you know you are going to be the hottest man (pun intended) at the party you should definitely dress like it.

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9. Your Favorite Rebelde Character

#rebelde #colegio #senior ♥

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This one is easy to put together and you probably already have this outfit from your school days. Dust it off and give it life.

10. Catalina Creel

Con una intima amiga #catalinacreel

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“Por que Catalina Creel nunca perdió el ojo.” And it looks like she can make a strong drink too!

11. Aztec Princess

Nothing is more beautiful and festive than embracing your ancient and indigenous past.

12. Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández

Got your #14 Mexico National Team jersey? Then you’re all set to be Chicharito this Halloween, which is good if you want to score. ?

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Bonus Couple Costumes:

13. Tapatio and Cholula

For those truly special couples who are clearly destined for a life of love and great food together.

14. Aztec Lovers

Sexy. Passionate. Historical. This dual outfit hits all the marks for you and your tesorito.

15. El Chavo y La Chilindrina

#elchavo #lachilindrina #halloween

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Just let your heart melt for a second.

Are you going to try any of this costumes this year? Share the story with your friends so they can finally decide what they are going to be this year.

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