14 Tweets About The “Latina Struggle” That’ll Make You Laugh (And Cry)

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We can all relate…

When you can’t find your armor:

Credit: Twitter / @whambamitsam

When having a conversation means the person next to you gets knocked the f out:

Credit: Twitter / @Ash_Cakes28

When this happens and — plot twist — they’re all your cousins:

Credit: Twitter / @nwts_liz

When we’re not crazy, you’re just awful:

Credit: Twitter / @jasdizzle_

When maybe they’ll consider you an adult…when you’re in your 40s:

Credit: Twitter / @ToxickQueen

When maybe gringos are the ~*exotic*~ ones here:

Credit: Twitter / @JoannaCifredo

When start times are more like suggestions:

Credit: Twitter / @Cleopatria_foxy

When “Cajeta Rules Everything Around Me”:

Credit: Twitter / @DeLaneyYbarra

When some random papo wants to be a papi:

Credit: Twitter / @cndycrtz

When dudes get creepy:

Credit: Twitter / @Brosenay

When the rhythm is gonna get you:

Credit: Twitter / @msabastro

When you can avoid drama in TWO languages:

Credit: Twitter / @mgat5

When your heart is full of love… for chisme:

Credit: Twitter / @Sandrita_Marqz

When Hot Cheetos are life:

Credit: Twitter / @belindabaabe

Oh well. At least we’re worth it!

Credit: Fox College Candy

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