This is What Breaks Every Latino Parents’ Heart

Sorry mami y papi, we’ve managed to let you down (like a boss ?).

I’m 26 and not married.


Abuelita was married by 18, mami was married by 20, for us, the deadline was college graduation. No wonder las tias have been calling you cotorra for the past year.

I don’t have any kids.


I’m a childless 28-year-old, and that’s why I travel the world and do as I please.

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I majored in photography instead of becoming a doctor.


Sorry ma, but I’m following my passion. You shouldn’t have told the entire family I was going to med school.

I’m dating an artist.


It’s okay, I make enough money at my baller job to support both of us.

I don’t go to church every Sunday.


And now everything bad that happens in the family is my fault because God is angry us me. Girl, please.

I’m back living with them.

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Mom’s nagging that I don’t have my sh*t together, but I’m focused on saving that cash money.

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I’m having premarital sex.


Sorry I didn’t wait to get married and have one partner for the rest of my life. Actually… #sorrynotsorry.

I quit school to become an entrepreneur.


They’re hoping this blogger nonsense is going to wear off soon, but I’m making cash for working from home.

I borrowed money from Mami.


… On Mother’s Day. I know, ultimate sign of failure, but wait…

I got a tattoo.


(And paid for it with the money I borrowed from mami.) All good, it was a tribute to her.

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I broke up with my high school sweetheart.


Refer back to being single and fabulous a few sections above ?.

I’m traveling the world.


Instead of behaving like a boring responsible adult.

Ok, we may have not been what our parents envisioned…


But we are happy and strong and they love us none the less. Like mami would say “mientras haya salud” that’s what matters.

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