With A Suegra Like This, It’s No Wonder You Left Him

Suegras are very much like the loto: you’re lucky if you end up winning her over. But whether she cooks your favorite chilaquiles or complains about you on a regular basis, la suegra is here to stay.

The Celosa

The “I know Better”

The Chismosa

The Wannabe Abuela

 CREDIT: PLL / CW / Heckyeahreactiongifs / Tumblr

¿Cuándo van a tener hijos? Me voy a morir sin ver a mis nietos. Have you guys taken fertility tests? Es que no comes lo suficiente por eso no quedas embarazada. To her you are nothing but a baby-breeding machine… that isn’t working properly.

The Sweet One


La Odiosa

The One Suffers From Intense OCD

The Overbearing One

The “I Can’t Pronounce Your Name”

The Barbie

The Manipulator

The Embutidora


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