These Are The Latinas You’re Glad You Left In the Past

They’re a thing of the past for a reason…

La Celosa

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You definitely dated this one. She was totally cool with you talking to your ex – under the condition that she screened your calls. She had to make sure Tía Licha in your contacts was really tía Licha.

La Presumida

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She was overly excited to have a man and always had to have you by her side so all her friends, primas, tíos, padrinos, vecinos, y hasta el sacerdote knew she finally had a boyfriend.

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La Que No Deja de Hablar

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She drained all your energies every single day. She’d call you every day after work to tell you about that bitchy co-worker she had and how much she hated her. On days she didn’t see her co-worker, she ranted about her cousin who she swore was insanely jealous of her.

La Fresa


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Basically a label whore – no disrespect. Wanted Louis Vuitton for every birthday, anniversary and expected dinner at a 3-star restaurant four times a week.

La Niña Buena

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She was always afraid of moving past first base. She was overly religious and terrified of her parents finding out she’d done anything with a guy. Bye, Felicia!

La Controladora


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She claims she fell in love with you, yet wants to give you a full-blown makeover. She wants to change the pants you wear, switch your white tees for button-ups, even change your diet and make you stop eating hood food.

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La Que es Demaciado Amigable

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You fell for her because she was easy-going and loved sports, but she was too easy-going. She spent more time with your cousin Memo and she was a little too down to hang out with the guys.

La Que te Está Usando

Credit: @rocioccamacho

…To make an ex jealous. You thought she was into you, but you heard from sources she wasn’t over her ex and wanted to get back at him.

La Interesada

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She only said yes because you had a sports car, your own place, a stable job.

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La Loca

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You saw her driving past your house at 1 a.m. Then got drunk calls two hours later and all you heard was heaving breathing. You saw red flags early on, but had no idea how bad things would get until you split.

La Que Se Hizo Del Rogar

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She was always super flirty, but never followed through. She loved the chase and wanted to keep you guessing. Finally you realized nothing was really ever going to happen.

A la Que le Palpita el Dedo Del Anillo

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She was always pressuring you take the next big step. Anxiety was always at an all-time high with her because she was 24 and didn’t have have a ring yet.

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La Que Se Puso Buenísima

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She’s the one you regret. You ended things with her and to get over the heartbreak, she joined the gym, got super fit – and super hot.

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