13 Times Selena Gomez Slayed At Life

Selena Gomez recently made headlines for taking time off to deal with physical and emotional complications related to lupus. Despite the fact that she’s pulling back at a time when her career is blazing hotter than ever, she’s owning her life and making her well-being No. 1 — a.k.a adulting at its finest. Inspired by this brave move, I decided to pay homage to every other time Gomez made me whip out the praise hands. ??????

She doesn’t let people body shame her.


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She posed naked on her latest album cover as a way to shut down all the trolls that criticized her body. She even put the haters on blast in an interview for Power 106’s The Cruz Show in Los Angeles: “It’s not even about my weight. It’s just that I’m not going to give a f**k what people say — sorry!” #NotSorry

She’s a ride-or-die BFF.

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Gomez’s role as one of the founding members of Taylor Swift’s girl squad may initially induced some eye-rolls, but resist the urge for a minute. This friendship has deep roots — in fact, it dates back about nine years. And, when Swift was thrown to the wolves in the infamous Kim Kardashian Snapchat fiasco, Gomez showed nothing but loyalty. The singer took to her Twitter account, asking, “Why can’t people use their voice for something that f*cking matters?” and, “Truth is last thing we need right now is hate, in any form.”

She’s not ashamed that she doesn’t speak perfect Spanish.


Her español ain’t perfect (el mio tampoco), but she still gives it a go in her latest Pantene commercial. And fans lost their minds over it (in a good way).

But she’s still proud of being Latina.


The girl has been embracing her roots since day one. Remember her cover of Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom way back in 2012?

She doesn’t let her past relationships define her…


Bieber who? Zedd who?

…But she can be vengeful AF when — and where — it counts.


It takes a real woman to single-handedly overthrow Justin Bieber’s Insta presence. Okay, maybe not single-handedly, but, admit it, the bitter ex-girlfriend in all of us secretly did a happy dance when she straight up called him out on “cheating multiple times.”

She puts her mental and physical health first.


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The singer’s been open about her struggle with lupus and is currently taking some downtime to focus on getting herself back on the healthy track. Some question, we applaud.

She keeps killing it even when she’s off-duty.

Thank you @iheartradio -YOU guys though. Thank you for voting. You matter most

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Only a pro can manage to land her third top-10 hit of the year while on hiatus. Look, ma, no hands!

She never has a bad hair day. Ever.


Short. Long. Bangs. Braids. Ponytail. Top knot. She’s literally had every hairstyle known to man and has looked fierce in every one. You wanna hate her, but you can’t.

She’s the prom queen of Instagram.

With almost 100 million followers, she’s officially the most-followed person. That’s like the social media equivalent of an Oscar.

She eats fast food once in a while, proving she’s human.

Because no one can resist a burger.

No one.

Yet, she’s the face and body of Louis Vuitton.

#LouisVuitton #LVSeries5 by @NicolasGhesquiere with Selena Gomez, filmed by Bruce Weber

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The iconic fashion brand couldn’t resist.

She calls her own shots.


Whether it include firing her parents, taking some time off or eating a greasy burger, Gomez is running her show.
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In Just 4 Pictures This Abuelita Has Inspired Everyone's Imagination


In Just 4 Pictures This Abuelita Has Inspired Everyone’s Imagination

@pacinomami / Twitter

The latest viral abuelita comes to you directly from Twitter. @Pacinomami shared photos of her abuelita at her new home and they are I.Con.Ic! We should all aspire to be just like her when we grow up.

@Pacinomami‘s abuelita is so proud of her new home that she just had to share the photos.

@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter

And people are loving it!



Look at those numbers:

Credit: pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: pacinomami / Twitter

She’s already been compared to Internet star Joanne the Scammer!


Even her fierce AF props are getting shoutouts.


There is speculation of a mixtape in the near future.

She may have even found her next lover.


Get. It. Abuelita. Or as Pitbull says:

yahooentertainment / Tumblr
CREDIT: yahooentertainment / Tumblr

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