13 Things Your Mom Said That Made You Rage with Anger

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Let’s be honest, nothing made us cringe more than some of our mom’s favorite sayings. Of course, we keep the rage on the down-low because respeto. But DAYUM we’re only human and our inner contestona responded in a not-so-respectful way, and if she could hear us, it would sound like this…

“Mientras vivas en mi casa, sigues mis reglas.”

Rules gif














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If I made the rules, they would make more sense. I swear you make them up as you go along.

“Esta es tu casa.”

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Really? Because you keep reminding me that I’m living in YOUR house, under YOUR rules.

“Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.”

Shad Moss wtf









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Wait did you just call yourself the devil and old? If I were to do that, I’d get a chanclazo for sure.

“¿No te gusta?! Cómetelo que no es restaurante!”

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All I wanted was McDonald’s and now you are forcing me to eat my weight in frijoles? I’m pretty sure that’s child abuse.

“¿Crees que nací ayer?”

cat faceplant








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No, of course not because you keep pulling rank on me, and I can’t get anything past you.

“El dinero no crece en los árboles.”


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Kendall said it best.

“Ya verás cuando tengas hijos.”

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Here we go again! I’d love to tell you I might not have kids, but then you’ll have a patatús.

“Dios te castigará.”

persinando gif









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Me having this conversation with you right now is punishment enough.

“Tu prima ya hizo (fill in the blank with something you should be doing too).”

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You mean the same prima you were criticizing yesterday for being a malcriada? How quickly things change when you want to make a point.

“Todo lo que hago por ustedes y así me pagan.”

Jennifer Lopez eye roll









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I’m just gonna sneak an eyeroll in right here and hope you don’t notice because I CAN’T with this cuento again!

“¿Te mandas sola?”










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Maybe if I had the time, but I’m too busy following your orders to come up with my own.

“¿Para qué tienes que salir si ya saliste ayer y antier?”

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I ate, peed and pooped on those days too, and I’m gonna do it again today, so why can’t I go out, too?

“¡Esto no es un hotel!”

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Uh, no. To be honest, sometimes it feels more like a prison with really good food.

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