13 Things Your Latina Mom Will Never Say

Imagine you live in wonderland, a place where your every dream becomes a reality. This is what your Latino mom would sound like in such fantastic place:

It’s ok mijo, you don’t need to finish everything on your plate if you’re full.

Sleep in, no tienes que ir a misa if you’re feeling tired.

Don’t listen to la abuela, that Vicks stuff doesn’t work.

Por supuesto you can sleep over your friend’s house.

Isn’t that skirt a bit too long for going out?

You don’t have to come to family dinner.

No mijo, you don’t have to hug your tío.

No te preocupes por aprender español.

Claro que puedes tener novio mamita.

We’re going to Chipotle for lunch.

Si no te gusta, no te lo comas.

Llora papito if you need to.

You need money to go out? ¡claro!

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