13 Things Your Latina Mom Will Never Say

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Imagine you live in wonderland, a place where your every dream becomes a reality. This is what your Latino mom would sound like in such fantastic place:

It’s ok mijo, you don’t need to finish everything on your plate if you’re full.


We can just throw away the leftovers.

Sleep in, no tienes que ir a misa if you’re feeling tired.


God will understand.

Don’t listen to la abuela, that Vicks stuff doesn’t work.


She’s old, what does she know about life anymore, right?

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Por supuesto you can sleep over your friend’s house.


His parents are out of town? You guys are going to have a blast!

Isn’t that skirt a bit too long for going out?


You are not going to get any guys looking like a nun.

You don’t have to come to family dinner.


I don’t like them that much either.

No mijo, you don’t have to hug your tío.

He won’t be offended, I promise.

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No te preocupes por aprender español.


We live in the US, who needs Español?

Claro que puedes tener novio mamita.

Bring him for a sleepover so we can meet him.

We’re going to Chipotle for lunch.


Those refried beans I made last night are not that good anyways.

Si no te gusta, no te lo comas.


I can make you something else.

Llora papito if you need to.


It’s ok to connect with your emotions.

You need money to go out? ¡claro!


Is $100 enough?

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