13 Things We’re Better at When We’re Drunk

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Alcohol is the real hero here.

(Brutal) Honesty



You may regret it the next day, but at least being honest is a good thing, right??

Giving People a Second Chance



Everything sounds and looks better when you are drunk, especially hooking up with your idiot ex.

Remembering Random, and Convenient, Information



Out of nowhere you remember specific memories from your childhood, and all the things you forget when you are sober, like the meaning of life, come to surface and it all makes sense… until you sober up!

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You may not know where you are, but your Spidey sense that gets you straight to the street dog cart…then you pass out again.

Dancing Moves



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In your mind you DGAF if you have two left feet, you think you got all the smooth moves. But in reality, your moves are more like your uncle’s when he dances to the latest ranchera ?.

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Suddenly, you’re real friendly and compliment every other girl at the bar. Something you’d never do if you were sober.

Showing Off Superman Strength



All of a sudden, you can carry your other drunker-than-you friend in your arms all the way home.

Tolerating Pain

Remember who you are. #firsttattoo

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You could never sit through that needle sober.

Being Vulnerable


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You’re a master at singing and reciting poetry made up on the spot. Roses are red…



You can down a 7-course meal without stopping for a single breath. First course, bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Telling Jokes


You keep them laughs coming all night long.


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