13 Things that Piss off Your Latina Mom Every Single Time

Latina moms can be all kinds of sweet and doting, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are pushovers. You better believe that if you cross them you, will face their wrath EVERY SINGLE TIME. So word of advice, don’t do any of the following things, like, EVER.

OMAIGA, did you just sound irritated?

Don’t you dare leave your dishes at the table.

No matter where you go and what the weather is, bring a damn sweater.

Don’t get caught takin’ hoochie pics to post online.

When you try to leave the house lookin’ all cuachalote.

Novela time means your mouth might as well be wired shut.

Uttering the word “bored” is not allowed.

Plastic bags are NOT to be thrown out.

When you cry before she gives you a reason to cry.

Whatever you do, do not talk back!

Cuando te portas mal en frente de otra gente.

When you suggest eating out.

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