Only Latino Dads Make Their Family Go Through All This When Road Tripping

Family road trips are one of dad’s favorite activities. A car full of food, family and the open road, what’s not to love? Here’s a look at what we all remember from going on a road trip with dad.

Your entire family gets a 4 a.m. wakeup call.

He crams, like CRAMS, your family car.

That means… you get away with a trunk ride!

Milos first trunk ride with Dad and Uncle Bo. #packedcar#oakland

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Because road trips aren’t an option.

Two adults, 2 kids and 3 dogs…road trip!! #packedcar #roadtrip #furbabies #family #holidays

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He doesn’t stop with the selfies.

And you sing rancheras till you cry.

He depends on you to be his old-school navigator.

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He brings his Thomas Guide and expects you to navigate. Yes, old school maps because he’ll definitely lose signal on his cell phone. You’ll have to remember how to read the map first, of course. Wait, do you even remember how to unfold it?!

Then there’s those moments of golden silence.

Nothing better then road trips with the pops ?? #FatherAndSon #RoadTrips #Alberta

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Actually, more like awkward silence because los papás son de muy pocas palabras. Maybe he’s just enjoying the view?


Car trip cuddles #FamilyRoadTrip 4 people and 2 puppies makes for a very full car

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Hotels? Not with papá.

Let the adventure begin!!! Disneyland here we come! #lewmanadventures #disneybound #familytime #familyroadtrip #familylifestyle #homeschoolmom

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He creates his own tourist attractions.

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He always finds the most random things on your trips and makes the entire family take pictures with it.

Nothing ever gets in the way of papá and his destination.

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Something inevitably goes wrong either to your car or a stranger’s, but he always fixes it.

And thanks to his stubbornness, he creates a lifetime of these memories.

Are we there yet ? ?? #familyroadtrip #readytoroll #thanksgivingvacation

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A Doorbell Camera Captured The Terrifying Moment A Neighbor Saved A Family From Their burning home

Things That Matter

A Doorbell Camera Captured The Terrifying Moment A Neighbor Saved A Family From Their burning home

braclark / Getty

A family from Arizona has tragically been without a home since New Year’s Day. Fortunately, however, thanks to the swift efforts of a neighbor, they still have each other.

On New Year’s Day, the Salgado family was asleep in their home in Avondale, Arizona when they heard a frantic knock at their door. Nicole Salgado’s husband, who lived in the home with their children, opened the front door to find her neighbor shouting at her to get her family out of the house. It was on fire.

The Salgado family woke up New Year’s Day to find their house in flames.

nicolenevarez5 / TikTok

“We were all asleep,” Salgado explained to CNN in an interview. “Then all of the sudden around 7:30 in the morning, we hear banging on our door and our doorbell is going off and we kind of get scared.”

Their neighbor, Carolyn Palisch, was there telling them to get out of the house. Footage from the family’s home security video shows their neighbor running past flames to get to the home.

“He opened the door and all I heard was our neighbor Carolyn saying your house is on fire you have to get out,” said Salgado.

Salgado, who is a mother to four children, hurried to gather her children. Together, all of them escaped the burning home safely. “It was just kind of frantic at first, making sure we got everyone out and the dogs out,” she explained. “Then once we realized the full extent of it we were just in shock as we watched our home burn.”

Sadly, the Salgado family lost all their belongings in the fire

Salgado explained that the roof of her house collapsed moments after they escaped. According to CNN, firefighters at the scene claimed that if the family had still been sleeping at the time the roof had collapsed they would have inhaled the smoke and likely passed out immediately.

We are so thankful to just be alive,” Salgado explained in a post to her TikTook page. She also included doorbell camera footage of the moment their neighbor came to the rescue.

Salgado’s video has been liked nearly 7 million times on TikTok.

“Never did we think it was going to blow up the way it did. But we are so grateful,” Salgado explained. “We are so glad it did for Carol, to show how amazing she is. If it wasn’t for her it’d be a totally different story. We feel so thankful to her. We’re always going to consider her family. She not only saved us, she saved our kids.”

Salgado says that the cause of the fire is still under investigation and shared that her family has created a Go Fund Me account to help them rebuild their lives.

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Your Dad Will Legit Cry When You Give Them These Gifts Because They’re Total Softies


Your Dad Will Legit Cry When You Give Them These Gifts Because They’re Total Softies

mitú shop

Dads are the hardest to shop for. They never want anything and even if you get them something you aren’t sure if it is really something they want. Fortunately, we have you covered with this gift guide that will let you know what your dad really wants.

Dad Panza In Progress T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

For those young daddies out there. You might be fit and in shape right now but it will happen eventually. Your body will start to change and next thing you know you will have a dad panza. Show them that it is something they can be proud of.

El Jefe De Jefes T-Shirt | $26.99

Credit: mitú shop

Dads are el jefe of the house. The only person ranked higher in the family is mom, la jefa. However, you dad is technically more powerful than you so the shirt still makes sense.

I’m That Papá T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

This one doesn’t have to be just for your dad. We all know people who turn the tv on just to fall asleep. The shirt is a simple approach to one of the most recognizable moments in every living room.

Promoted To Abuelo T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Here’s a chance to give your dad a little surprise news. Maybe he is about to become more than just a dad. Abuelos are cherished members of the family because of the love and wisdom they have to offer. It is an honor to become one.

My Kind Of Six-Pack T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Who needs abs when you can have this kind of six-pack? There is nothing better than a cold one after a long day or weekend and no one knows that better than dad. Plus, this is total dude humor than you know his compas are going to love.

El Rey T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Sometimes dad needs a little pick-me-up. Gifting him a shirt that calls him el rey is something that he would love. This shirt is very important during Father’s Day and his birthday because that is when he is truly treated as el rey.

She Is My Vieja T-Shirt | $24.99

Appeal to his sensitive side. The side that is so in love with your mom that he does anything for her. This is one shirt we will definitely wear proudly, especially when he is out and about with his vieja.

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