13 Things From Childhood That Still Confuse TF Out Of Us

Most of us wouldn’t trade growing up Latino for anything in the world. I mean, it’s who we are; it’s what feels comfortable and right. That said, there are definitely more than a few ~confusing things~ about the way a lot of us grew up…

The obsession with fake fruit:

Credit: Twitter / @robertomedez97

Pero like, why?

These faceless dolls:

Credit: Etsy / bettysworld4u

Where is your face, boo? And why are you in EVERY household? Are you following us?!?!

The fact that Fabuloso looked pretty tasty:

Credit: FreeStuffFinder

Puts Mountain Dew to shame.

…And yet these little quarter juices looked so damn gross:

Credit: Look Tasty

You could find them at your local bodega or Winn-Dixie, and they were approximately 287% sugar.

Your family’s million pieces of Tupperware AND re-used butter containers:

Credit: Housewifery.org, Quelinda M / Pinterest


All the pots and pans in the oven:

Credit: Pinterest / U Might Be Mexican

Ok, maybe if we got rid of at least SOME of that Tupperware, there’d be more space for pans…

The fact that this was your original squad:

Credit: SouthTexasCatholic.com

Literally so #blessed.

Every damn thing covered in plastic:

Credit: MyLesPaul.com, IndiaTimes / Quora

So it’s wrapped in plastic to keep it clean… but then you still have to clean the plastic or else it gets that weird, cloudy look. STOP THIS MADNESS.

Using bags to hold other bags:

Credit: TheOdysseyOnline

And sometimes using bags to hold bags holding other bags of bags. With bags inside.

Those million packets of condiments you somehow always forget are there:

Credit: LifeAsAMom.com

Especially when your house has both a giant bottle of ketchup and approximately 7,892 ketchup packets.

White bread as hot dog buns:

Credit: mitú / Jenny Lorenzo

And hamburger buns, and garlic bread, and probably even a hat, who even knows at this point.

…And hot dog buns as sandwich bread:

Credit: mitú / Jenny Lorenzo

I am beyond confused rn.

Oh, and, most of all…

Knowing that you’re going to confuse your kids with all these things, too.

Credit: NBC

It’s the circle of life, bbs. And it moves us all (to hoard Tupperware).

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