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13 Things Family Members Smuggle From Mexico

Because Mexicanos understand the goods you get in Mexico just taste better, feel better and are better.

(Smelly) Mexican cheese by the pound.


Forget fancy Spanish or Italian cheeses, Mexican cheese is where it’s at… even if your fridge, and its contents, smell like a plane/car/bus.

Tequila, as many bottles as TSA permits.


There’s nothing more satisfying than showing off your exclusive bottle with the Hecho en México sticker.

Mezcal, the other drink of the gods.

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No doubt mezcal tastes smokier once it has crossed the border.

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The hot stuff.


Dried fruit, sugar-coded peanuts, coconut candy with raisins and, of course, a ton of spicy candy because American candy just can’t satisfy your chile-loving tastebuds.

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Legit toys, none of that electronic BS.


PlayStation, XBOX 360 or Wii’s got nothing on these toys.

Medicina Mexicana that cures it all.

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Because Vaporú can only do some much, sometimes we need someone to smuggle some of the good sh*t.

Essential cookware.


Because you can’t make salsa de molcajete without a molcajete…even if it means you have to pay extra for your overweight luggage.

Cantaritos, because they make everything taste better.

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Café de olla doesn’t taste the same in a regular coffee mug. Water also tastes fresher, duh. And have you tried cantaritos like the ones from Guadalajara? Fresca and tequila and you’ve made the best paloma ever.

A few hammocks to hang in your backyard.


Pack one in your suitcase and you’ll never need to go to the spa again.

Zarapes to accessorize everything.


This is the best decor investment for Mexicanos. We use it to decorate our cars, tables, couches and patio. We even make clothing out of it.

Flowy tops and guayaberas.

And for this day stores sell the traditional costumes #tradicionesmexicanas #mexicantraditions

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Because nothing feels better on a hot day than wearing one of those…plus, that’s your dad’s Sunday best.

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