9 Photos Any Catholic Latino Will Understand

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If you’re Latino, you were probably Catholic at some point in your life. That’s just the way it is. Even as you try to move past it, there are still some clear signs that you grew up Catholic. Here are the most obvious ones…

You don’t mind walking around with ash on your face.


You always forget about it until you see yourself in the mirror.

There’s a painting in your bedroom that watches you while you sleep.


I’m sure it doesn’t make date night weird at all.

You know about “Christmas Part II: Día De Los Reyes.”

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Double the gifts AND a cake?! Genius!

This is how you get a new boyfriend.

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I don’t know if it works, but hey, it can’t hurt!

You’ve always wanted to ride in the Papamóvil.

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I mean, the Batmobile is nice, but look at those wheels!

You really like candles.


They really set the mood… to pray.

You do the sign of the cross every time you pass a church.

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You don’t know why your parents made you do it, but now you can’t stop.

You got to dress up like Tony Montana for your first communion.

primera comunion

Too bad they wouldn’t let you have the cigar.

And if you’re a girl, you got to have a “pre-wedding” at your first communion.

nina comunion

Your uncle can also practiced being a drunken mess.

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Do you know any other clear signs that you were raised Catholic? Post them in the comments section below, and share with your friends! And enjoy Semana Santa!

Watch The Real Dolores Huerta Get Owned By The Woman Who Once Portrayed Her In A Movie


Watch The Real Dolores Huerta Get Owned By The Woman Who Once Portrayed Her In A Movie

Credit: Getty / Clemens Bilan / Kevin Winter

Like something out of a movie, Dolores Huerta and Rosario Dawson are airing out their beef for the world to see. Dawson, who played Huerta in the 2014 Cesar Chavez biopic, went at the civil rights activist after Huerta’s take down of Bernie Sanders and his record. Clearly, the real Huerta and pretend Huerta agree helping the Latino community is super important, but they just can’t agree on how.

It all started, when Huerta wrote a Medium piece on Bernie Sanders’s immigration record.

Credit: @AKochergaBorder / Twitter

“If you’ve been following the Democratic primary, you may have noticed that Bernie Sanders has positioned himself as a champion of the immigrant community,” reads the opening paragraph of Huerta’s op-ed. “From the letter he sent to Barack Obama last week, to the work he, his campaign, and surrogates have done attacking other candidates’ positions, you would think that he has been a lifelong champion on issues that matter to Latinos and immigrants. But here’s the truth: Candidate Bernie Sanders, advocate for immigrants, is not the same as Senator Bernie Sanders.”

Huerta did not hold back on her criticism of Sanders…like, at all.

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She even pointed out the absence of Sanders’s signature on a 2011 letter to President Barack Obama in defense of the DREAM Act, along with his vote to beef up border patrol.

Huerta’s article definitely left many Clinton supporters looking like…

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Enter Rosario Dawson and her scathing open letter to Huerta.

Credit: @rosariodawson / Twitter

Although Dawson started by thanking the civil rights pioneer for her diligent work helping Latinos, the pleasantries didn’t last:

“This is exactly why your article on Bernie Sanders came as such a surprise to me,” Dawson wrote. “That the same woman who has made it her life’s mission to speak the truth and shed light on corruption, lies, and false narratives created by the corporate elite and special interest groups, would now suddenly create a narrative that distorts facts and misguides American voters.”

Liiike, you know some sh*t is about to go down.

Credit: Broad City / Comedy Central / Broad City / Giphy

Dawson went full savage on Huerta, going point by point on her piece.

Dawson went straight to work, addressing each and every one of Huerta’s points.

Credit: @rosariodawson / Instagram

Dawson wrote:

“3. You mention that Bernie did not sign Harry Reid’s letter to president Obama in 2011:

— The letter was written and issued by 22 Senate Democrats. It was not presented to the entire Senate for signature, nor to Bernie Sanders (an independent at the time), and was signed by only a small fraction of the Democratic Party.

— Hillary Clinton did not respond to the letter sent to Obama. She did not denounce the deportations at that time, which makes the whole mention of the letter unreasonable.”

She even included handy tables comparing the two candidates side by side. One on positions…


Credit: Rosario Dawson / Huffington Post

…and one on specific votes and moments that occurred when Sanders and Clinton were in the Senate.

Credit: Rosario Dawson / Huffington Post

But here’s the takeaway. This is what democracy looks like: two passionate people, discussing issues and trying to find the best way to compromise and progress.

Credit: @DoloresHuerta / Twitter

It might look nasty and ugly at times, but it is honestly the way things get done. Thank you Huerta and Dawson for holding tight to your side and not backing down. This is what America is all about.

You can read Dolores Huerta’s op-ed here. You can read Rosario Dawson’s response here.

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