These Selena Quintanilla GIFs are the Perfect Response to Everything

From shitty exes to jealous tías, Selena totally gets what it is like to be a Latina. Don’t believe it? Well, here are 13 GIFs that prove you and Selena Quintanilla basically live the same life.

When your last tequila shot kicks in and the DJ plays your jam.

Credit: anything-for-selenaaas / Tumblr

I loooooove this song!

When you overhear your tía talking about why you’re still single.

Credit: canadaloveselena / Tumblr

I’m just trying to build my empire right now, tía.

When you are trying to get the perfect angle for your new selfie.

Credit: Selena Live! / EMI Latin / selenaquintanillas / Tumblr

I just have to tilt the phone done at 45 degrees and make sure the light is coming down from a 33 degree and BAM! #perfectselfie #nofilter

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Finding the perfect dinner outfit to outshine your primas.

Credit: canadaloveselena / Tumblr

My butt looks great in this.

When your (future) bae double taps your selfie for the first time.

Credit: stilldreamingofyou / Tumblr

It’s like the universe opened up and said, “This one’s for you, mija. Take care of him and love him.”

When your tía tells your primas to be more like you.

Credit: selenaquintanillaq23 / Tumblr

Gracias. I am so humbled by your praise.

When your clumsy enemy tries to throw shade and it backfires.

Credit: texmex-princess / Tumblr

That’s what you get when you try to mess with the queen.

When you spill some coffee in the morning and use paper towels to foot mop.

Credit: canadaloveselena / Tumblr

?Le mueves para acá, le mueves para allá ?

When you see your ex at the club and you want to make him regret it.

Credit: thefallenoutcast / Tumblr

How do you like me now desgraciado?

When you leave your no-good ex and discover how men should really treat a lady.

Credit: Amor Prohibido / Capital Records / Emi Latin / como-la-florr / Tumblr

Thank you so much. I don’t think anyone has ever done this for me ?.

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Allergy season always has you feeling like this…

Credit: jjxrodriguez / Tumblr

It’s pretty terrible.

Checking your phone right when you wake up and being blinded.

Credit: Telemundo / gif-007 / Tumblr

Note to self: dim screen before going to bed.

Your #mood when mami makes a comment about your weight.

Credit: Telemundo / jenniferrrrivera / Tumblr

I would diet, but I love chips too much.

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